the government is about to deliver a strong blow with these 3 SHOCK measures, get ready!

Given the sharp rise in inflation, measures will be presented to Parliament after the legislative elections to reinforce the protection of the purchasing power of the French. In this article, the Objeko editorial team will tell you about three measures that could give everyone a breather. Are you ready to know everything? Ok let’s go.

Elimination of the audiovisual license canon

Will personal taxes fall during Macron’s second five-year term? Highly possible. at least the government seems to be working on three measures that go in the direction of relief. The first is the abolition of the audiovisual license fee. As a reminder, any home or business with n TV at 1Ahem January of the taxable year you must pay the contribution to public broadcasting, or television license fee. This would therefore represent a saving of €138 per year in mainland France or €88 in overseas territories.

On May 11, during the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery and the Delegate Minister in Charge of Public Accounts presented a statement in this regard. They explained:The contribution to public broadcasting will be abolished definitively this year and the financing of public broadcasting will be secured in the respect of the constitutional objective of pluralism and independence of the media”. The formalization of this measure will be presented after the legislative elections of 2022. So soon.

Continuity of the reduction of the housing tax

Since 2018, the housing tax has been gradually decreasing for all French people. In 2021, the reform will benefit everyone taxpayers. While most people no longer have to pay for it, there are still some who still do. And if you’re one of the 20% of taxpayers still paying home tax, don’t panic. It will not be for long.

In 2022, households that have not yet benefited from the abolition of their housing tax can claim a 65% exemption from this tax on their main residence, regardless of their entry. This reduction will appear automatically in the tax notices that will be sent by the tax authorities during the month of October. It should be noted that second homes and unoccupied homes are not affected by this measure.

Indexation of the income tax scale to inflation

On BFMTV, the Minister of Economy stated that the 2022 income tax scale would be increased by the level of inflation. In order to avoid a tax increase in the event of a salary increase of the same level. Bruno Le Maire was clear in his comments when he said that it was not about French pay more taxes due to inflation:I want to eliminate this concern. It is not about the French paying more taxes because of inflation. It is out of the question that employees, like the French, pay more income tax due to inflation.“. That is what is said.

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