The prices of plane tickets about to skyrocket warns the FNAM

Travelers should expect to pay even more for airfare to and from the West Indies. The National Federation of Aviation and its trades, the FNAM, announced the color. In question, the rising price of kerosene in the West Indies.

The anger of the FNAM, the National Aviation Federation and their unions… Against SARA (Anonymous Refinery of the Antilles Company)… Accuses it of having increased the price of kerosene in Guadeloupe and Martinique, without any discussion with the Airlines. Consequently, the prices of airline tickets will rise, he warned, on the eve of the summer holidays. Carriers have no choice. But this could deter customers directly affected by this new price increase.

This is a considerable increase in the price of kerosene applicable retroactively to June 3 in all the French departments of the Antilles, which set fire to gunpowder. The National Federation of Aviation and its trades (Fnam) which includes all the French airlines that connect France with the Antilles, in a press release he claims to have been informed on June 8 and he is not angry.

These increases, made without any justification linked to the rise in oil prices, reach more than 15% at the Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre airports.

FNAM in press release

And in the line of sight of the FNAM, the SARA. the federation strongly condemns this brutal decision by the Société anonyme de raffinerie des Antilles (SARA) and the French authorities, taken without seriously consulting the airlines, when kerosene prices, which are very high throughout the world, are already significantly higher higher in Martinique, Guadeloupe or Guyana than in the rest of the Caribbean arc”.

And the direct consequence will soon make itself felt. The FNAM did not stop remembering the already high prices of plane tickets Y “significantly higher” in the West Indies-Guyana.

Such a decision will have unavoidable consequences on the quality of service to these departments and will lead to an increase in passenger and freight fares to and from the West Indies. It is also incomprehensible, as significant variations in kerosene prices between the West Indies, France and third countries are likely to encourage non-virtuous phenomena in the environmental level of excess fuel transport.

This is a new blow for airlines, heavily impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis. The big parties, conducive to travel and the return of students to the region, are about to begin. What the FNAM does not stop remembering.

Air transport is a vital service for overseas populations, as well as for overseas economies and tourism.

The Federation says it is ready to take legal action and initiate legal proceedings.”with the aim of clarifying the compatibility with competition law of this decision to increase the participation of a player in a dominant position“.

In addition, by letter, he requested the government cancellation of this increase.

According to figures published by civil aviation (DGAC), the price of plane tickets to overseas departments increased 14.3% in one year (including +8.9% only from the beginning of the year).

In a press release published this Thursday, June 16, 2022, Air Caraïbes, a Caribbean airline specialized in the Caribbean, announced that:

due to a sudden increase in the price of kerosene of more than 15%, decided by the public authorities, in the airports of the French Antilles, it is forced to increase its prices on its short and long-distance flights -post offices that will apply in Los following days.


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