The Warriors land on the podium of the most successful franchises in the NBA

By winning a new title tonight on the boston courtGolden State raflé une quatrième bague dans l’ère Stephen Curry, also solidifying the magnificent dynastie entamée in 2015. Et par la meme occasion, the Warriors ont pris seouls la troisième place dans le classement des franchises NBA les más titrées de l’ historia .

Seven The Warriors now have seven NBA titles on the clock. We’ve had four in the last eight years, but they’ve also won three more in franchise history. in 1947 first, in the inaugural season of the NBA, which was still the BAA at the time, with the Warriors playing in Philadelphia. Those were the days of Joe Fulks, the Hall of Famer who holds the unglamorous record for most missed shots in a game (42). Holy irony when you know the Splash Brothers will light up the strings some 70 years later. Won second title in franchise history in 1956 under the urging in particular of Paul Arizin, another Hall of Famer, all still in Philadelphia. The Philly Warriors then represented the pitch for one of the greatest players of all time in the person of Wilt Chamberlain, who, however, failed to bring a banner to the franchise. The Dubs therefore had to wait mid 1970s to find the heights thanks to players like Rick Barry and Jamaal Wilkes. It’s the third title in Warriors history, but the first won on the San Francisco Bay side. The first of a long list, although we will have to wait until 2015 to see Golden State chain the championship rings.

Number of titles won by franchise:

  • Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics: 17
  • Golden State Warriors: 7
  • Chicago Bulls: 6
  • San Antonio Spurs: 5

You can see from the list above, the Warriors now stand alone in third place for the most successful NBA franchises of all time. They have just left behind the Bulls, with whom they have shared a total of six titles so far. And we imagine that the Dubs will stay in this place for a long time because we really don’t see that the current Chicago team can remember the glorious past of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and company. At the top of the list, the Lakers and Celtics are obviously untouchable with 17 league titles. Boston might have regained the lead in the event of a win over Golden State in the 2022 NBA Finals, but today it’s the Lakers celebrating on Hollywood Boulevard following the Green’s loss in Game 6. With this seventh banner, The Warriors just further cemented their place in NBA history, and who knows how far Stephen Curry’s side will go.

By amassing NBA titles over the last eight years, the Warriors have made a mark on their generation, even establishing themselves at the table of the most beautiful dynasties. They now stand alone in third place among the most successful franchises, a phrase that was simply unimaginable even a decade ago.

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