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Between Dijon and Sochaux, relations have become tense in recent days. Omar Daf, still under contract with the FCSM but in conflict with its leaders and in particular with Samuel Laurent, the general manager, wanted to join the DFCO. Between the three parts, stinging press releases and acid-soaked one-liners coalesce. But not enough to disrupt the arrival of the Senegalese in Burgundy, which was formalized this Friday.


Omar Daf will be there for the resumption of training in Dijon on June 22. On that date he should be just over 270 kilometers away, in Sochaux, with his substitute Stéphane Mangione, former DFCO striker (1999-2003 and 2004-2009), since the two had a contract until June 30, 2023 . “He has been bothering me since we met to come and visit Dijon, he tells me that it is a magnificent city” , the former Senegalese international told us during an informal conversation, more than a year ago. At the time, the duo had no idea that their desired weekend getaway would turn into a two-year stay in the City of Dukes. And Mangione, who returned to Dijon – where his partner and his children continued to live – as soon as Daf granted leave to his staff and his staff, will now be able to go have his coffee in the center of the city, before going to the trainings. .

“Betrayal”, “stabbing” and reply

But before we get to these little day-to-day pleasures, the days leading up to the couple’s imminent arrival – who could be accompanied by Gérard Gnanhouan, the goalkeeping coach, and Antoine Helterlin, the physical trainer – have been quite lively. And it is not certain that Daf will fall into the arms of Samuel Laurent to evoke the good old days when Dijon and Sochaux met in the league. Between the two men, the bond quickly loosened before breaking for good at the beginning of June, when the name of the 45-year-old coach began to circulate in Dijon, in search of Patrice Garande’s successor. RMC had shared the information about the mutual interest that Dijon had and the one that had taken Sochaux to the Ligue 1 play-offs against Auxerre.

At first, Samuel Laurent had denied it. But on June 5, the Sochaux DG would have received a phone call from his future former coach, who had told him of his wishes elsewhere. The leader, suspecting that the negotiations between Dijon and Daf have taken place behind his back, takes the plunge and criticizes the attitude of Dijon and its president Olivier Delcourt. “DFCO’s attitude is deplorable. A club that contacts a coach under contract (June 30, 2023) and doesn’t bother to call me, when there have been discussions for weeks…” Then Laurent, well reassembled, evokes a “treason” Y “a stab in the back” of Daf. While he is quick to add that if the DFCO wants the Senegalese, it will be necessary to crash. And at least 1 million euros…

Obviously, Daf reacted through a scathing statement sent on June 6 to The Republican Eastin which he diligently dismantles his leader’s arguments. “I always wanted to sign up for the long term in the FCSM, and in April we had reached an agreement to extend my contract, but the management did not find the time to formalize it in writing. And after the elimination against Auxerre, the tone of the management towards me changed. Since then, the sports project has been done without taking into account my opinion on the transfer window. » And that would have pushed certain clubs, including Bordeaux, Le Havre and Dijon, necessarily informed by the Arab phone, to contact him. “Under no circumstances have we contacted Daf for several weeks. I was told very recently of his desire to leave Sochaux, and like other clubs, Dijon has positioned itself. had entrusted Olivier Delcourt, the president of Dijon, to the good public.

“If they can piss off Dijon and Daf a little, they won’t be shy”

It remains to be seen where the truth lies. The only certainty is based on the weight of the words used by Laurent and Daf: the two men could no longer work together, which the former did perfectly. He contacted several coaches, including Sébastien Desabre, linked to Niort until June 30, 2023, Zoumana Camara, in charge of Paris-SG U19, Olivier Guégan, Luka Elsner or Oswald Tanchot, who have the advantage of being free. “In the Laurent camp it is said that Daf wanted to leave, that he activated his local media networks to position himself as a victim and justify his desire to leave. And on the side of the technician’s followers, it is confirmed that the hiring was made without him being consulted, in short, that his leaders turned him upside down, and that the oral promise of the extension never arrives in writing » summarizes a source close to a fairly complex file.

The DFCO, having no intention of paying a round to the FCSM, waited patiently for Daf and Sochaux to come to an agreement. The Côte-d’Orien club, which had considered several profiles (Patrice Beaumelle, Olivier Guégan, Frédéric Bompard, Alain Casanova) made the Senegalese their top priority, even if there was a plan B for a few days, in case… . “There was hardly any obstacle for Daf to join Dijon. The resumption of DFCO training was set for June 22, so there wasn’t much time to lose. And Sochaux wanted to turn the page. If it dragged on a bit, it was because Sochaux hadn’t found a coach yet. And if they can piss off Dijon and Daf a little, they won’t be shy. it’s a good war , mocks this same source. The DFCO was in a hurry to finish this file, because another one awaits, also well gratin. That of the returns of several players, some of which are clearly undesirable (Didier Ndong, Mounir Chouiar or Moussa Konaté). A happy band that has not only left good memories in the area. The DFCO still has a bit of work to do this summer. But you already have your Daf.

By Alexis Billebault, in Dijon

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