What mark will the “revolutionary” Stephen Curry leave in history?

Often when a series of performances comes to an end, one realizes the extent of the feat accomplished. Tuesday, during game 5 of the nba finals between the Golden State Warriors and the boston celts, Stephen Curry did not score from three points, despite nine attempts. A first in 233 games… “He still managed 8 assists [et 16 points]but above all, his team won, says Jacques Monclar, basketball consultant in beIN Sports. Boston had clearly traded his defensive options and controlled Curry, but took a big hit elsewhere. »

The Warriors, who lead 3-2, are just one win away. Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson perfectly conveyed the boss, who had released his best performance in the NBA Finals in Game 4 (107-97 success). “It’s like in the Tour de France, Monclar returns from the United States where the epilogue of the season follows. He may experience a bad day after an exceptional step. »

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr (left) stands with Stephen Curry during Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics on June 13, 2022 at the Chase Center in San Francisco. – Ezra Shaw / AFP

“Historically, I shoot better the game that follows a bad performance,” warns Curry, who could pick up his fourth championship ring at 34 years old after those of 2015, 2017 and 2018 from Thursday to Friday night, in case of success in Boston. . He would find himself tied for the list with LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal, and would be two units behind legend Michael Jordan, one behind Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant … and Steve Kerr (as a player), his coach. in the warriors

On Sunday, the former Bulls and Spurs defenseman, also a three-time starter on the Golden State bench, had compared his star to Roger Federer for his workout routines, “one of the things that unites all great athletes,” according to Kerr.

Curry and Federer, same fight over Steve Kerr

Yes, as the Swiss with 20 Grand Slam titles, Curry is great. But how big? For Shaquille O’Neal, the eight-time All-Star point guard is part of the “Top 10 of all time.” “When we talk about the most dominant, there is Wilt [Chamberlain] and me, the former center XXL slipped without false modesty on ESPN. For the GOAT, there’s Kobe [Bryant]James [James] and michael [Jordan]. The best shooter? There is only one, Steph Curry. »

Accustomed to following the Warriors for the California daily The mercury newsDieter Kurtenbach does not like to classify players, “a useless and regressive exercise”. But according to the reporter, Curry “is on the ‘short list’ of the most influential people in basketball history. “He completely changed the game,” he continues. Some claim that he “ruined” it. I do not agree with this idea at all. The former Davidson Wildcats trigger, recruited in 7th position by Golden State in 2009, embodies the reign of triples, of which he is the absolute record holder, to the chagrin of lovers of medium-distance shots and those nostalgic for pivot fights on the racket .

« Il fait partie de l’elite de l’histoire du basket, point sweeps », tranche Jacques Monclar, selon lequel « Baby Face » et son gabarit modeste pour son sport (1.90 m pour 84 kg) ont « révolutionné » la discipline. “Thanks to him, many children who are between 1.85m and 1.90m know that they can play at the highest level. And if he also wins the title this year and is crowned MVP of the finals, the only reward he lacks … ”

A “revolutionary” player

For now, Dell’s son, a terrific player for the Charlotte Hornets in the 1990s, is “happy” with two regular-season MVP honors in 2015 and 2016. the second having been acquired unanimously by the voters, an NBA first… “He is underrated while his impact on the game is immense and continues to develop, judge Dieter Kurtenbach. It is very difficult for most people to appreciate things in real time, especially when it is revolutionary. »

But why isn’t Steph Curry fully appreciated for her fair value? “For me, the main reason is that he is not physically dominant, judges the Californian journalist. The constant need for the American media and, now, the public to classify players as if basketball were played one on one is a plague. Curry, of course, is not a one-on-one player. But he is the best team player. »

LeBron James and Stephen Curry come from the same city, Akron, Ohio, but not from the same social background.
LeBron James and Stephen Curry come from the same city, Akron, Ohio, but not from the same social background. -Ashley Landis/AP/Sipa

His personality, smoother than many of his peers (even if he also opposed Donald Trump when he occupied the White House), is he also playing tricks on him? “He clearly doesn’t like gangsta rap,” jokes Jacques Monclar. Like his teammate Klay Thompson, his father was also a professional basketball player. He grew up in a sporty, well-to-do environment, and he doesn’t have the background of a LeBron James, who comes from a tougher background. He is calm, with his wife and his two children. »

LeBron James fans and Stephen Curry enemies

Curry and LBJ, both natives of Akron, Ohio, really only have their hometown and talent in common. “The Curry haters are prominent US sports commentators who have sworn a kind of strange allegiance to LeBron James and his fans,” Dieter Kurtenbach stings.

Though clean on him, the Warriors adorer will no doubt be happy to shut some mouths, in Boston on Thursday-Friday night and, if necessary, during a decisive Game 7, on Sunday-Monday night. in San Francisco. History to settle a little more his place in the Olympus of the NBA, despite his detractors, that Jacques Monclar will never understand: “It’s as if you said that Mozart was out of tune …”

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