first economic sanctions for dark stores

The Paris city council wants to impose, at the beginning of July, the first economic sanctions on the “big players” in the delivery of fast purchases at home that do not respect the regulations on urban planning.

The Paris city council says it wants to impose, in early July, the first economic sanctions on “great actorsof the delivery of fast races at home, called “blackout blinds», not respecting the regulations on urban planning. “We will be able, within fifteen days, to award the first penalties, because it is in the hands of the city and we will hit fast and hard.“, said the first deputy (PS) Emmanuel Grégoire during a presentation of the city’s urban logistics strategy.

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One hundred “dark stores” in the capital

Emmanuel Grégoire wants it that waytake down the throat“, based on financial penalties of 500 euros per day and a maximum of 25,000 euros per warehouse”,major dark store operators“who”because many are in total illegality“. These “ghost warehouses» are considered by the city council and urban planning services as warehouses, while the premises in which they have been installed are usually commercial premises. In general, the residents of the neighborhood protest the inconvenience they generate, in particular, the comings and goings of the delivery men.

The capital now has, according to Emmanuel Grégoire, a hundred of these businesses, which are booming since the travel restrictions aimed at curbing the Covid-19 epidemic. But the mayor has been raising her voice for several months. At the end of March, Anne Hidalgo’s right-hand man had asked the chains to close 45 of these stores/stores where the delivery men pick up the products to be delivered.”illegally created” in the capital.

Paris: 32% of French spending on “fast trade”

Some played the game right away“, closing a dozen sites”,but some famous brands take the risk (not to close) because (…) they have so much money that they don’t care“says Emmanuel Gregoire. East “feeling of impunity“String instruments”blackout blinds» is, according to him, reinforced by «congestioncourt ruling that eliminates the possibility of conviction over time. “If at least one of the files could, symbolically, serve as an example and very clear jurisprudence, that would help us collectively», considers the urban planning assistant who wrote in this regard to the Paris prosecutor. Paris represents 32% of the expenses of the “quick tradeFrench and concentrates 19 of the 23 companies in activity, according to a resolution proposal presented in mid-March in the Assembly and aimed at regulating these businesses on social aspects and the distortion of competition. “Finally, the City Council seizes the means at its disposal to regulate the installation of these warehouses“, the deputy and councilor of Paris (Modem) Maud Gatel, in charge of this proposal, reacted to AFP.

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