LaLiga tries to invalidate Mbappé’s new contract

Through the mediation of the French lawyer Juan Branco, LaLiga will file a complaint with the French courts to prevent the validation of the new contract that links PSG with Mbappé, considering it “illegal” for violating UEFA’s fair play financing regulations.

The Spanish Professional Football League (LFP) will file a complaint with the French courts to prevent the validation of Kylian Mbappé’s new contract with PSG.

If the French justice does not rule in favor of the LFP, an appeal will be sent to the European Commission, and it is not excluded that an appeal will then be filed with the Court of Justice of the European Union. It is clear that LaLiga does not intend to let what they consider a totally illegal operation pass so easily under the current criteria of the FPF.

“We are looking for a new decision like the Bosman (law), which liberalized the market (1995). Now what we want is for the market to be regulated and for the (financial) rules of the (Spanish) League to be established, which are very strict, it will spread to all of Europe,” Branco said at a press conference he offered today at a Paris hotel.

Branco, 32, explained that the first legal initiative will be to ask the French Sports Minister, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, to revoke the contractual agreements of all PSG players signed after June 25, 2021, the date of the last control. made by the French. authorities.

It is obviously about Mbappé’s new contract, valued at an investment of 500 million euros over three years, according to figures from the lawyer, and that of Lionel Messi, signed by PSG in August 2021 and also the subject of a judicial process led by White. himself at the request of a group of FC Barcelona partners.

The lawyer hired by the Spanish league announced that he is also preparing an administrative appeal for the French championship to carry out an inspection of PSG’s accounts through the National Control and Management Directorate (DNCG), the financial health supervisory body. of sports entities in France.

“Today, Mbappé cannot play for PSG. We know that it will be difficult (to win in French courts), given that President Emmanuel Macron himself has asked him to stay,” assumed the lawyer, famous for his participation in the “vests yellows”. movement and for having represented Julian Assange in France.

Branco said he was confident that this process would eventually end up in European courts, considering that a club like PSG, owned by a Qatari sovereign wealth fund for 11 years, deliberately violates the free competition rules that govern the EU’s single market.

Therefore, the European Commission (EC) will be asked to rule on this issue, also taking into account that PSG does not respect the balance between income and expenses established by the French championship itself, thanks -according to Branco- to the successive moratoriums . granted to the Parisian club.

“This season he was expected to bring 180 million euros in player sales to have an economic balance, and he only sold one player for 7 million, and he also extended Mbappé,” he said.

The lawyer denounces “a conflict of interest” between the French championship and Qatar, accusing the French authorities of favoring PSG by postponing the application of the financial fair play rules because the French championship depends, according to him, on Qatari money.

He also accused “state clubs or oligarch clubs” like PSG or Manchester City of undermining European football by forcing rule-abiding clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona to increase revenue from stadium tickets or shirt sales. to fight on equal terms.

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