Three easy recipes to drink lemon juice in the morning

Lemon, my beautiful lemon, tell me who will have a flat stomach this summer! The weather is nice (most of the time), hot, even very hot at times, and we just want to find some lightness. We want to feel good about our body, our shoes and even our head. For this, we eat well, we do sports, we slept a lot and hydrated enough. However, you can also use some tips to lose weight. Some foods have important slimming properties. This is also the case with lemon. Known and recognized for its numerous slimming virtues, it is the perfect fruit to take in the morning on an empty stomach during detoxify our body Y boost our metabolism. But let it be clear, the lemon is not the sweetest fruit for our palate. So, to take advantage of its many benefits, here it is Three recipes to drink lemon juice in the morning.

The lemon diet with a fruity and vitamin shake

How about trying the lemon diet starting the day with a drink full of freshness that will give you energy and vitamins? So we started to make this smoothie that combines lemon, carrot and orange. Choose organic fruits and vegetables so as not to alter the Beneficial virtues of this smoothie. Squeeze 2 oranges and 1 lemon to obtain a vitamin juice. Put your diced carrot in your blender and add the fruit juice. Add a few ice cubes if you want a cool smoothie. Mix everything well to obtain a creamy and smooth drink that you will pour into a large glass before tasting. A simple and pleasant way to drink. lemon juice in the morning ! You can vary the pleasures by changing the ingredients and prepare varied shakes so you don’t get bored!

A healthy lemonade for the morning.

You’re running out of ideas to succeed in drinking lemon juice in the morning and succeed in your lemon diet ? So take a glass in which you will place some agave syrup, which is a natural sugar extracted from a Mexican nopal. More liquid than honey, it has a high sweetening power. You don’t need to add much to get a sweet taste. Squeeze a lime and pour it into the glass. Pick out some fresh mint leaves that you’ve been careful to rinse well. Add them to your preparation accompanied by a little crushed ice if you want a cold drink. Otherwise it can be enjoyed at room temperature. for your lemon dietchoose the non-alcoholic mojito version to take advantage of all the benefits of unscrupulous lemon and ensure a true cleaning your digestive system to feel better with your body!

Lemon and aloe vera for a summer detox

Why choose aloe vera to prepare a drink that will accompany your lemon juice in the morning ? Aloe vera is perfect for helping lazy intestines and combating cellular aging. So we take 20 g of aloe vera from which we extract the liquid from the heart. Put this gel in a tall glass and add 250 ml of boiling water to it. Mix the preparation well. Squeeze your organic lemon and add it to the aloe vera and water. Let the drink cool, which you can drink warm or at room temperature. It is interesting to take this infusion in the morning on an empty stomach to effectively start your lemon diet and purify your body before the day. If you wish, you can add a touch of maple syrup, which also has antioxidant properties and has a very interesting low glycemic index for your body. to perfect your lemon dietyou can prepare good meals with adapted detox recipes and using lemon juice.

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