Who is hiding behind the magazine everyone is suddenly talking about?

It swept the bet with the mother-son pair in majesty on the cover of its June issue. But the independent fashion magazine Cap 74024 Laetitia Casta, Isabelle Huppert and Vanessa Paradis also posed.

On Instagram there are more than 78,000 subscribers to follow the publications of Cap 74024. For the fourteenth issue of this Italian magazine released in early June, they were able to discover an impressive cast on six covers: Carla Bruni as well as his son, Aurélien Enthoven, but also Lætitia Casta, Noah Schnapp, the actor from Strange things, or the visual artists Elmgreen & Dragset, and the model Alyda Grace. Everyone is gathered for the latest version of cap 74024, biannual magazine created by Antonio Moscogiuri, in 2014. Famous names, the Italian has already convinced in the past, such asElizabeth Huppert Y Vanessa Paradis, who also did the a. The publication aims to mix fashion, art and sensuality through image. And the approach has also won over renowned photographers like Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Bruce Weber and Steven Klein.

a graduation project

It all starts on the school benches with a graduation project. That of Antonio Moscogiuri, then a student at the Istituto Europeo di Design and a journalist at the beautiful wife, received the Move, Improve, Test award from La Fondazione Cariplo in 2012. Each year, the program rewards a creative person in the field of art and the environment or research. This springboard allows you to launch your first paper edition in 2014 with all the elements that allowed your project to emerge. An impressive name: Cap 74024designating zip code (CAP is the Italian acronym for postage codeEd) from Manduria, his birthplace located in Puglia. And a personal and worked aesthetic, based on an exacerbated sensuality and a way of telling stories through the body and fashion. “I want to provoke desire in the eyes of the reader”, explains Antonio Moscogiuri.

Aurélien Enthoven in Saint Laurent for the magazine Cap 74024. Cap 74024

Five hundred pages make up an average of each issue of the biannual magazine. Billed as “an inspirational notebook on beauty and sensuality”, Cap 74024 focuses on photography, which the founder sees as a discipline that enables the link between art, fashion and eros. “I wanted to create a magazine whose language is desire, with very erotic images but also contains and talks about art and fashion,” he explained to the magazine. Slippagemag. While quoting this phrase from Silvia Fendi pou credo: “The goal of fashion is to provoke desire.” For his number 13, Antonio Moscogiuri imagines an interrogation scene that questions the male body in contemporary culture with pleasure and humor.

The latest issue entitled “The body we live in(“This body in which we live”) was intended as an invitation to explore the body shell in all its facets, after the long periods of confinement. The imagined stories show the subversive spirit of the magazine, echoing the exhibition “Useless Bodies” by the artists Elmgreen & Dragset visible at the Prada Foundation in Milan until August 22. We see Laetitia Casta in a hotel room with acid light… And Carla Bruni in a see-through dress surrender to the pleasure of the nightclub in the legendary Maxim’s venue.

A (first) focus

Surprise here: Carla Bruni is not alone. Her son Aurélien Enthoven is also part of the series of photographs. the mother-son couple thus offers a leading role to Antonio Moscogiuri as a concretion of his many meetings and years of work in this sector. Having collaborated with various talents from the PR agency ZZO, including star dancer Germain Louvet and actor César Domboy, the magazine’s founder befriended Véronique Rampazzo, who is none other than Carla Bruni’s agent. And so this high-flying project was sealed. Antonio Moscogiuri was thus the first to tell a fashion story around Aurélien Enthoven. Produced in collaboration with the Saint Laurent teams, this photo shoot accompanied by the French house was a “no-brainer” for the magazine’s founder, Carla Bruni, who had long been one of the late designer’s muses and relatives. Throughout the pages, we see Aurélien Enthoven, sometimes playful, sometimes romantic.

Aurélien Enthoven in Saint Laurent for the magazine Cap 74024. Cap 74024

A first appearance in a magazine, also with an androgynous Victorian collar. : it was enough for thatAurelien Enthoven draw the attention of Models.com, a specialized site dedicated to fashion professionals that lists all the news about models. “Aurélien’s coverage has been placed in the top five of the week’s big news”, specifies Antonio Moscogiuri. With Carla Bruni or Laetitia Casta, Cap 74024 it also benefited from a spotlight in France. What will be the next zip code to succumb?

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