Apple’s solution to protect your iPhone from cybercriminals

In an upcoming update, Apple will release a new cybersecurity feature for the iPhone. It will provide protection to your customers against government sponsored cyber attacks.

Apple announced on Wednesday the arrival of the feature lock mode. It will be available later this year for iPhone, iPad and also Mac users. lock mode Its main objective is to combat against government-class spyware. According to the tech giant, this mode would be a “extreme optional protection”. However, few Apple device users will need this option. The fact is that this guy of computer attacks is highly targeted.

Extreme protection thanks to lock mode

Specifically, the lock mode intervenes in disable various device features. This way, hackers will have much less chance to spy on their targets. Therefore, the goal is to make the device less susceptible to government-sponsored hacking attacks.

A preview of Apple's new feature.

To go into detail, the new feature disable various functions preview in iMessage. It also limits JavaScript in the Safari browser. Once enabled, the option blocks the creation of new configuration profiles (similar to user profiles on PCs).

Also, lockdown mode makes wired connections are not possible to prevent data from being copied to the device. Finally, it similarly stops incoming requests for Apple services, like FaceTime.

These measures respond in particular to flaws that security researchers have found. Indeed, according to them, the government spyware can affect these functions. For example, unwanted software can read call log and messages. They also have the ability to secretly upload photos or record information through the microphone.

This type of piracy even allows take pictures with photo sensor of the device. In addition, the passwords and real-time (across devices) contact details of the user are equally accessible.

If these measures already seem very strict to you, Apple has decided to look for the weaknesses of this function. so promised two million dollars researchers who discover a security flaw in the latter.

Apple cares about each of its customers

The establishment of lock mode comes after disturbing revelations about the Apple device security. They referred to pirates in the service of a state. Indeed, of recent iPhone models is it so vulnerable to cyber attacks Type “zero click”. This means that the user can be hacked without having to click on a link.

Tim Cook presents Apple as a brand that cares about the privacy of its customers.

Of course, state hackers use particularly expensive tools. Therefore, such attacks only affects a small part of users. According to the Washington Post, human rights activists and journalists have already been victims of spyware.

“While the vast majority of users will never fall victim to highly targeted cyberattacks, we will work tirelessly to protect the small number of users who do. »

Ivan Krstić, Director of Engineering and Security Architecture at Apple

Thus, the American giant will launch the lock mode on iOS 16, iPad OS 16 as much as macOS Ventura. These should launch later this year with the new iPhone range (iPhone 14).

iOS 16 Lockdown Mode: Super Max Security for iPhone!

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