Blizzard Talks How Pets Work in WoW and Potential Improvements – World of Warcraft

In a post tonight, Nimox talks to players about how pets work in WoW, including the changes made to WoW lore, aimed primarily at hunters.

The identity of the pets is important, as well as the fact that they are unique. They are two objectives that in a certain way oppose each other. Turtles are necessarily an armored and robust creature. Cats are usually agile and graceful creatures. Foxes are generally smart and cunning. Although pets are not designed according to reality, it is necessary for pet families to be different. There are a lot of families in all three categories, and things may not be perfectly balanced when it comes to abilities. It could be better? Most likely. Would it be better if these were exactly the same and looked different? Can be. Is the Turtle you’re up against a tough Turtle or secretly a Turtle with Mortal Wounds? Currently, we know the answer.

Hati from Artifact Beast Mastery was a unique situation. Many players choose a specific pet archetype for the character being used. Artifacts had a lot of visual customization. Introducing a second pet with a different wolf appearance to all Beast Mastery Hunters for the entire expansion was not something the developers wanted, hence the Essence Swap as a solution. The ‘second pet’ functionality was retained with the Animal Companion talent, allowing you to choose this through his stable.

Regarding Animal Companion, there is a known issue where this talent reduces the damage of all your pets and other summoned units instead of just your second pet. Animal Companion will remain and this issue will be fixed so that other abilities that summon pets no longer create bad synergies. There are no details about the arrival of this change.

The difficulty of using Resurrect Pet and Dismiss Pet is an intentional change and the developers are not planning any adjustments at this time. For a while, the solution for parts of the game was to tame 5 pets, do some things where your pet would die, drop it, and resummon a different pet, then tame 5 pets again later. Dismissing a pet was instant, and this ability now has a 3-second cast. Your pets aren’t meant to be disposable items, at least for hunters – warlocks and death knights have certain mechanics that steal your pets, but that matches their identities. You have to care about the pets you use and worry about keeping them alive.

The developers are always looking to improve the paths for players and pets and make things smarter and easier to use. This is an ongoing process for the game as a whole. The team is discussing issues with pets during encounters where players are teleported or forced to move around a lot. The developers take classes with pets and understand these frustrating elements. There is no simple solution, players move in very complicated ways, use a lot of tools to do so, and the team doesn’t want pets to appear to float or teleport all the time.

Pets are an important part of the identity of hunters, warlocks, and death knights (and wizards). The team wants to improve them, add new ones, and do cool things for them and their respective classes.

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