Eat less sugar: 12 tips to achieve it

Eating less sugar is essential for good health. Here are 12 (easy) tips to cut back on sugar without disrupting all of your habits.

This is not a first: the French consuming too much sugar daily. On average, a French person thus consumes 95 grams of sugar per day, that is, 35 kilos per year: this is above the world average (which is 20 kilos per year) and well above the recommendations of the World Organization Of the health. , which recommends a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day, or 5 teaspoons!

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Be careful, says nutritionist Alexandra Retion, author of My low GI desserts (ed. Leduc), “WHO speaks of both added sugars and sugars naturally contained in fruit juices, honeys, syrups and fruit juices based on concentrates because these sugars quickly reach the blood and raise glycaemia”. So it can go very fast.

Eat less sugar: why?

First of all, excessive consumption of sugar on a daily basis has a direct impact on health: excess sugar increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), Type 2 diabetessince cavitiesobesity, depression, mood disorders or even cancer.

“Sugar also weakens our immune system,” adds the nutritionist. When we eat too much, the microbiota is out of balance, we don’t have enough good bacteria and this has a direct impact on our immunity.”

Second, reduce your sugar intake leads to visible improvements in 2-3 weeks:

  • we feel less tired: when blood sugar spikes, energy yo-yos
  • we lose weight: up to – 5 kilos because sweet foods are generally very high in calories!
  • we sleep better: because sugar interrupts sleep by altering the mechanism of melatonin
  • we have more beautiful skin and fewer pimples: because the spikes in blood sugar affect the elasticity of the skin.

Eat less sugar: how to do it?

The secret of a “sugar detox“Success is to go gradually, because there is a real addiction to sugar! We start by stopping putting sugar in coffee, then we are interested in sweet alternatives, then we try sugar-free recipes… If necessary, you can be accompanied by a dietician -nutritionist.

our expert : Alexandra Retion, nutritionist, author of My low GI desserts (ed. Leduc)

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that interfere with sleep. To overcome insomnia, find the rhythm that suits you best, keeping in mind that the ideal is to sleep 8 hours a night. Also make sure to set up an environment conducive to sleep, free from noise, screens and light.

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