Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: reason for PS5 exclusivity, story structure… Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase talk about the sequel to the remake

After the announcement of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion last month we were treated some more details about him yesterday since interviews with those responsible for the project have appeared on the Web. They were also concerned Final Fantasy VII revivalFollowing Final Fantasy VII Remakenot very sharp details, but with interesting information to know what to expect, as compiled by Gematsu. Already, about its name, instead of calling it “Remake 2”, which might have given the impression that it would be followed by the episodes “3, 4, 5…” (yes, that’s really weird), it was decided to subtitle it Renaissance to show that he can be appreciated enough for himself (but who will start with him and not for ffvii remake ?), Besides having a name that again has the meaning of “reborn again”. Also, their later announcement was apparently because they didn’t know if the remake project would be in two or three parts, whilehowever, a trilogy has already been suggested as of 2020… And frankly, who really thought that? Midgar (only the first hours of the original game) would be entitled to its own game and everything else condensed into a single episode?

The relative speed of development, which is going well despite the size of the project, is due in part to the fact that the core team members have remained in their posts. instead of going out and working on other titles as usual. As a direct consequence of this situation, certain elements of the third episode are already being created, such as the setting. Important clarification that will reassure some, the plot of the original FFVII will not be condensed to fit into three games and will in fact be fleshed out entirely. On the other hand, the big question of whether or not we will have access to an open world remains open until the next round of information! Keep in mind, though, that the reason the game won’t be releasing on PS4 this time around is due to a desire not to be limited by being able to use the PS5’s SSD as the sequel takes place in “a vast world”, not to mention the graphic quality. Therefore, the team needed its technical specifications to allow them to easily explore this world.

The main systems of Final Fantasy VII Remake have been maintainedas well as the 3D models of the main characters, with some adjustments in particular for yuffie. The story of ffvii revival obviously will pick up the plot of FFVIIincluding the flashback with cloud Y sefirot seen in the trailer, but still with the new mysteries introduced without deviating from the original plot, which was a real challenge. However, there have been changes in the structure of the narrative. and therefore some events may not take place in the known order, but the watchword has been not to cut the content.

We have time to see and learn more about Final Fantasy VII revival for its launch during the winter of 2023 in a year and a half. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade still for sale sure Amazon at a price of €54.11.

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