Flunch changes its recipe and raises its prices but returns to profitability

Northern brand Flunch is evolving. Baptiste Bayart, its new CEO, explains this Friday to the Parisian how he will transform the brand in two years.

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Things are moving at Flunch. Placed in safeguard procedure in 2021, the company, whose setbacks date back to before Covid, cut 980 positions as part of a PSE and closed 49 establishments. The restaurant chain, within the Mulliez Galaxy, also experienced a social crisis in early 2022 with strikes in many restaurants to ask for a salary increase.

Since ? If Flunch’s new CEO, Baptiste Bayart, 42, is to be believed, things are looking up. In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien this Friday, explains what has changed, what will change, and shares his good reasons for believing in it. ” Once demotivated, our employees now believe in it too “, he assures.

Themed menus, but no more homemade mousse

Baptiste Bayart wants to totally change the image of Flunch. ” I have a budget of 75 million euros to invest in the new Flunch concept in five years. By October, we will have completely renovated 45 cafeterias, all of which will be renovated by 2023. »

Physical checkouts will be replaced by automatic terminals, “salad bars” will go up in category, themed menus (burgers, pizzas, pancakes, wok, etc.) will arrive in all restaurants in October… Each address will also be able to offer dishes specific to your region.

The new management also divided by two “the number of recipes offered and drawn under the homemade chocolate mousse, considered too long to cook and not” very important for customers “. Flunch replaced it with industrial foam.

First rate hike in 15 years

Also in this interview ParisianBaptiste Bayart also indicates that meal prices have risen for the first time since “ 15 years “.” Our star menu, with all you can eat vegetables, has gone from 8.95 euros to 9.45 euros. An increase justified by the rise in the prices of energy and raw materials.

This new recipe looks good as the brand should soon be making money for the first time in months. ” In January we lost 5 million euros, in June the loss was contained to “only” 700,000 eurossays the CEO. Starting in July, we will be profitable again, for the first time in a long time. »

In a November 2021 press releasemanagement had indicated that they were aiming a return to equilibrium in 2022 “with a billing” close to that of 2019, around 310 million euros “.

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