How much can the digital tablet sold for only 79 euros by Amazon be worth?

Desirable for killing time in the car on the highway. holidays ; attractive to follow his series throughout the summer from his vacation spot; appetizing to devour e-books or listening to music by the pool… Amazon’s new Fire 7 is, on paper, an object of temptation. Especially since you can afford it from 79 euros*. How much is this new digital tablet with a 7-inch screen really worth, which sold seven times less than the first model of the ipad-mini ? The newsroom of “20 Minutes” was able to prove it.

An HD screen that lacks brightness

The recipe is well known. Amazon periodically renews its range of digital tablets. Nope fundamental, as with some, to announce new releases with much fanfare, but simple press releases to convey these releases. And at the start of summer, it’s Fire 7, the web giant’s best-selling slate, that’s changing. A bit of a shed, actually.

Amazon’s Fire 7 (2022) tablet isn’t a tech behemoth, but it does sell for a low price. – AMAZON

Slightly less bulky than the previous Fire 7 (80.68 x 117.59 x 9.67mm, vs. 192 x 115 x 9.6mm), the newcomer doesn’t have any real hallmarks. Cute for its small size, it’s nice to hold in your hand and weighs just 282 grams.

Obviously, it is towards your screen where the eyes are directed with priority. At its all-purpose size, it displays a flat definition of 1024 x 600 pixels. It’s not much, but definitely enough to have fun with episodes of television series, movies or video games. Large 12mm wide black borders surround it. And a pity that only one speaker integrates the board. Consolation, the Fire 7 retains a headphone jack, with good quality audio output. You don’t necessarily need to be equipped with Bluetooth to enjoy good sound.

Beware outdoors: In addition to the screen not having exceptional brightness (even at its maximum level), there are a lot of reflections on its surface. Despite the presence of an IPS panel (with good viewing angles), multi-viewing can be restrictive. Obviously we will think about downloading our favorite series on Netflix before going on vacation: the Fire 7 is Wifi 4 and cannot accommodate a SIM card. Attention to the breakdown of episodes, therefore, in the car!

More powerful, more autonomous

The real changes are in him. If the Fire 7 is still offered with a memory of 16 or 32 GB, a slot for microSD cards (up to 1 TB) arrives (compared to 512 GB on the Fire 7 2019). Amazon has also boosted its processor, now loaded with 2 GB of RAM with its 2.0 GHz. This gives it 30% more speed. It’s still not enough to run powerful games, but it’s more than enough to satisfy most uses.

Amazon's Fire 7 tablet, the ultimate extra viewing tool.
Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet, the ultimate extra viewing tool. – AMAZON

The autonomy of the Fire 7 is also reinforced and goes from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. It is the equivalent of a Paris-Nice by car. No need to stop in Montélimar to recharge your tablet, like with the Fire 7 (2019)! A recharge that can now be done in USB-C. As for the improvements, its manufacturer finally indicates that its latest “has been tested twice as durable as the iPad Mini (2021) during the tests” (sic!). A free entry, Amazon does not advance any verifiable element to support this statement… Without the brand specifying it, we imagine that your tablet is not waterproof…

The photographic section remains anecdotal, with 2-megapixel front and rear cameras (and the possibility of filming in 720p). To be used for viewings with the family during the summer, but certainly not to bring back nice photos or videos from your vacation.

With or without ads?

Even so, upon arrival, the Fire 7 (2022) is barely worth 80 euros. It’s 10 euros more than his eldest at its launch. As usual, Amazon offers this tablet at a discounted price if you agree to receive ads every time the device starts up*. Nothing bad, actually: it’s a simple advertising insert that appears a few seconds before you can unlock the device. The whiteboard is probably not that magical technically, but it does have the merit of making this type of device accessible to as many people as possible. For safety, a protective layer (29 euros) is recommended, especially on vacation.

*94 euros (without advertising, in 16 GB); 79 euros (with ads, in 16 GB); 104 euros (without advertising, in 32 GB); 89 euros (with ads, in 32 GB).

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