Why did 9-year-old North West write “Stop” on a piece of paper during Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show?

North West and her mother, Kim Kardashian, during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. (France, July 7, 2022.) Abaca

Sitting front row at Olivier Rousteing’s Jean Paul Gaultier couture show on Wednesday, July 6, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wanted to send a message.

He is 9 years old and already knows all the gears of fame, but he intends to play the game by his own rules. As he sat in the front row of the parade Jean Paul Gaultier by Olivier Rousteigthis July 6 within the framework of the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, northwest, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, held up a sign that said “Stop” in the direction of guests taking a picture of her. A clever way to beg onlookers to leave her alone (and create a stir at the same time).

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West holds a “STOP” sign in the front row of the Jean Paul Gaultier show.

The day after the show, her mom, Kim Kardashian, later took out a post on Twitter, sharing the sequence to explain her daughter’s gesture. “Anyone who knows North knows that he finds this video hilarious! I believe that'[elle] She was sick of people taking pictures of her, so she wrote STOP on her invite and held it up to focus on the show,” Kanye West’s ex-wife said.

As soon as the program came out, a few hours after brandishing her message, North West, recognized for her impertinence, had also reiterated her annoyance by directly addressing the paparazzi present at the scene. “Why are they waiting for us all the time?” she can be heard saying in another video, also uploaded to social media. And one of them to answer him, not without a touch of irony: “Because you’re so famous, North!”.

On video, “Why do you wait for us all the time?” : North West Catches Paparazzi Outside Jean Paul Gaultier Show

the counter attack

Thus, if the fans of the Kardashian clan supported the 9-year-old girl, others were quick to react, calling the inertia of her mother, Kim Kardashian, hypocritical. “It’s mainly how your family makes money, with videos and photos. Maybe you should tell him now!” wrote one. And a second to add: “It is up to the mother to protect the privacy of her children. But no, her mother sells, exposes her image, that of her children, and then complains… ”. If the message divides, one thing is certain: the Kardashian clan always excels in communication.

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