Here is the recipe for success of NordVPN, the most complete VPN

Do you want to benefit from a quality VPN that is very complete in terms of features? Discover NordVPN, the reference in the field.

Created in 2012, NordVPN is a software that, as its name suggests, belongs to the category of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). These tools are used to protect the privacy of Internet users and offer them freer browsing. As such, a VPN protects you both at home and on public Wi-Fi networks, like in train stations or restaurants, for example.

But NordVPN is clearly doing it right, offering quality services that are comprehensive and easy to use. If it brings together more than 12 million users around the world, it is no coincidence. And to know the recipe for its success, this is where it happens.

5400 servers

59 countries covered

30 days satisfied or refunded

6 simultaneous connections

Monthly price

Our opinion : A very good VPN for security and anonymity.



NordVPN’s ergonomic and easy-to-use app

Among the key assets of NordVPN, it seems that ease of use is one of the most important. In fact, to seduce Internet users from all over the world, NordVPN has developed an application that is easy to use and therefore suitable for all users, even novices.

This app is activated with a single click by directly selecting a location from the dropdown menu on the left, or by clicking “Quick Connect”. It will then immediately and automatically connect to the most efficient server relative to its position and server overload. To disconnect, a simple click on the disconnect button is enough.

NordVPN interface on macOS ©

And this app goes with you everywhere because it’s compatible with all your devices, whether they’re Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, or Linux. It is also possible to install the NordVPN app on connected TVs like Android TV or the connected Fire TV box.

This is all the more interesting as NordVPN is showing an attractive promotion on the occasion of the summer sales. Your two-year subscription is down -62% and the provider is offering an additional 1 month for free. Therefore, the price of the package amounts to €2.77 per month, instead of €7.29.

And with your account, know that NordVPN gives you access to 6 simultaneous connections. Therefore, you will be able to use it on all your devices and even equip your family without having to pay extra.

NordVPN’s excellent security setup

Ease of use is important, but keep in mind that the primary purpose of a VPN is online security. And at NordVPN, your protection is very well assured. In fact, this VPN encrypts your browsing data (online activities, personal information, etc.) using a powerful algorithm – 256-bit AES. Thus, no one will be able to read them, and therefore, use them for fraudulent or advertising purposes.

Furthermore, NordVPN camouflages your IP address to hide your identity and location during your browsing sessions. With these two actions, NordVPN allows you browse completely anonymously and securelywhich is highly appreciated by Internet users.

NordVPN goes further. This VPN features the Double VPN option, which routes your data through two VPN servers instead of just one for double encryption. In addition, its application incorporates the Kill Switch emergency stop, which consists of suspending your traffic in the event of a VPN disconnection, always for greater security.

But where the software stands out is that it adds Anti-Threat Protection to your VPN. This feature will protect you from unwelcome advertisements, but also dangerous sites, infected files, or even online trackers. Finally, it’s also worth noting that NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy. This means that it does not store any data that could compromise your privacy. What you do online is up to you.

You will agree, it seems difficult to do more for your security and confidentiality.

Bypass online locks

NordVPN is also widely known for its power to bypass geo-restrictions. In fact, this software has more than 5,600 servers in about sixty countries around the world. This will allow you to access all the global web content very easily.

Simply select your country of choice in the NordVPN app, then browse normally. Among the geo-restricted content that you can access, we can mention:

  • Foreign catalogs of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu
  • Foreign television channels
  • Websites blocked in your country like Sci-Hub in France

Of course, this will also allow you to connect to a French server when you travel abroad, in order to continue to access your local services and content. And remember, all of this is currently available at a bargain price thanks to the current NordVPN offer. So if you need this type of service, now is the time to get started. For only €69.36 you will have access to 25 months of protection, which usually costs more than €180.

Visit NordVPN

Finally, know that this software has a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can test your security, your app, and all your add-on services fully, stress-free, and reconsider your decision if you want. A simple request to customer service (available 24/7) will suffice.

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