Is the hospital near you a good health center? With QualiScope, check it out

The High Health Authority has just launched QualiScope, a tool to find out the quality level of all health establishments in France. (©JB/Lille news/Files)

the Are the patients satisfied? after his treatment in Hospital or in the clinic closest to them? Do you recommend these establishments? Are there many complications after certain operations? Are the meals or the room pleasant for the patients?

So many answers to these questions available at QualiScopea new service launched by the High Health Authority (HAS) at the end of June 2022. Enough so that “everyone can know the level of quality of all health establishments. Health of France, whether public or private”, indicates the HAS in a press release.

What can be found in QualiScope

In QualiScope, you can find a list of maps more than 4,000 hospital sites throughout Francesome sites may be spread over multiple geographic areas.

Directly via the map or a search engineIt is possible to access a kind of identity card of the establishment, which presents “key data to know and understand the level of quality of hospitals and clinics”.

For each establishment, we can find:

  • The different sectors of activity (oncology, surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics, intensive care, etc.)
  • The level of certification of the quality of care, granted every four years;
  • The results of the care quality and safety indicators, measured each year by the HAS;
  • The satisfaction index of the national e-Satis survey, measured directly from hospitalized people;
  • The percentage of patients who would recommend the facility;
  • Results of safety indicators, for example, complications after placing a hip or knee replacement.

In view of all these elements, an overall rating out of 100 is assigned to each establishment.

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Notes from HAS but also from patients

If the level of certification and the level of quality and safety of care are measured by the HAS, instead, patient satisfaction and experience It is measured through questionnaires completed by them after their stay, according to the different stages of the care itinerary.

For example, for the CHBA of Vannes (Morbihan), the establishment obtains a score of 74/100 according to the global assessment of patients admitted in medicine, surgery or obstetrics. Including a score of 82/100 for satisfaction with nurse/carer care and a score of 58/100 for satisfaction with meals. Of these services, “59.3% of hospitalized patients would definitely recommend this establishment. »

At QualiScope, we can find different rates of patient satisfaction.
At QualiScope, we can find different rates of patient satisfaction. (©QualiScope screenshot)

Can we trust these patient reviews?

Taking into account the evaluation of the patients in the global score, would QualiScope be a kind of TripAdvisor Hospital ? “It is good to take the opinion of patients, but in a scientific way, in a rational way, during an interview,” estimates Thierry Amouroux, spokesman for the National Union of Nursing Professionals (SNPI), contacted by And not based on a questionnaire upon leaving the hospital, she regrets.

On the contrary, estimate Emmanuelle Bara, Communications Director at HAS, “Patients are still the ones who can best evaluate certain elements of their treatment. »

Obviously, that is what they perceive, but only they can tell us if they were listened to, well informed, if their privacy was well respected… For us, that is a true value.

emmanuel baraDirector of Communication and Public Information of HAS

Emmanuelle Bara specifies that these opinions “are just an additional element” to the note, “it is not the only thing we use. »

By January 2023, other indicators should be included in the tool to have even more information available.

An incentive to choose the best establishment?

With QualiScope, patients can also compare establishments. A way to encourage patients to go to the best establishments, to the detriment of others?

This is the fear of Thierry Amouroux, from the SNPI: “In the hospital, the most important thing is above all proximity, that the response it gives adapts to the needs of a population basin. “And he’s not necessarily going to pick the highest-rated establishment, according to him.

The risk is that patients go to the establishment with the highest rating, and we can think that it will be the CHU, when there are already waiting lists everywhere, this risks delaying waiting times.

Thierry AmourouuxSpokesperson for the National Union of Nursing Professionals (SNPI)

“Given that this service has just been launched, it seems to me too early to be able to express ourselves and give an opinion”, considers the French Federation of Hospitals, requested by

The HAS, for its part, indicates that it does not necessarily want to encourage people to compare. QualiScope is above all a means of making patients “active in their choice of establishment”, says Emmanuelle Bara.

Good students better equipped?

In any case, this rating system worries the SNPI, for which QualiScope “is not a relevant tool. The role of the HAS is not to enter into a logic of honor. »

“What is useful for everyday consumer products is not necessarily useful for hospitals”, says Thierry Amouroux, who fears end with “a hub hospital that concentrates” the activities and the good thingsto the detriment of other hospitals in the area.

At the risk that the establishments with the best ratings are the ones that benefit from better equipment and better services? “It is not as mechanical as that”, says Emmanuelle Bara, and acknowledges that there is a policy of “economic incentive for quality”, whose evaluation corresponds to the Ministry of Health.

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