Joy, the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday at her worst, launches a heartbreaking SOS on the Web

Since 2017, every day has been a wake-up call for Joy. Every morning when she wakes up, she realizes that her father is gone. That her father will never come back. And if she is part of life, there are days when it is more complicated to manage. Young adolescents, therefore, do not hesitate to use social networks to talk about it.

Joy’s birthday message to her father.

Those who follow Joy Hallyday know that she regularly talks about her father. She has not decided to do like some people who refuse to talk about missing persons. His pain does not change. On the contrary, perhaps talking about the man in her life will help her move forward, improve herself. and like everyone kids of the rocker, June 15 was a special day for her. And for good reason, it was her father’s birthday. On social media, obviously, she wanted to pay tribute to him..

Happy birthday my beloved dad. I love you for life. It is thanks to you and mom that I am who I am today. Your humor, your jokes, your generosity, your voice, your songs that you sang to me, and I miss the love you had for mom, Jade and me.. Every day I listen to your songs and think about the precious moments we spent together in your office watching movies, making jokes and laughing with the 4 of us with mom and Jade. I hope you’re doing well up there and having a good time. Us 4 for life forever with no one else “.

Johnny Hallyday misses his daughter, she lets him know

Like all young people her age, Joy Hallyday is active on the Tik Tok social network. And like all young people her age, she uses it partly as a daily. But a newspaper that no longer has anything intimate since anyone can read it. She took advantage of a recent video that she posted to write heartbreaking words in reference to her father: A year in which I would like to return? Anyone before 2017 “.

Fans have understood that he was referring to the year his father lost his life. The years may pass, but the mourning she faces on a daily basis is not always easy. Especially when his life is advertised and that his father is present everywhere: on posters, on records, in films, documentaries, reports… Especially since his mother, Laeticia Hallyday, is actively working to bring the singer’s posthumous career to life.

It must not be easy for children to live with the ghost of their father. The latter is too present and totally absent.

A new home to start over

The omnipresence of Johnny Hallyday in posters and photos is not a problem for the family. On the other hand, Laeticia Hallyday felt a visceral need to move. At that moment, it seemed essential to him to succeed in his duel. Because everything in her house reminds her of the man she loves, but has lost. And if their daughters had not accepted, they welcomed the announcement of the move.

They saw me so unhappy, they carried my pain for several years and they couldn’t cry. They then began to cry with this movement. (…) We moved not far from the old house, we keep the same habits“.

In the family stories that followed, Joy has chosen her camp anyway. And this is her mother’s camp. While she shares a photo in tribute to her father where discover with his wife, and his two daughters (Alegría therefore, but also Jade), the youngest of the family writes the following words: “ Just the four of us forever“. The message sent to Laura Smet and David Hallyday is very clear.

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