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Just a few weeks after Rafael Nadal’s historic victory, not to mention Iga Swiatek’s tremendous performance, at Roland Garros, we can already try to become a great champion with Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. Released on 07/07/22 and day one on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, we couldn’t wait to pull off some devastating forehands, especially after the few trailers and demo released on 06/21/22. The Torus Games studio, which produced in particular Ben 10, How to Train Your Dragon 2 or Hotel Transylvania 3, is testing the Tennis game. Now let’s find out whether the ball will stay in the net or not.

The grand slam at the end of the racket.

First let’s talk about the main menu which is very basic. The first option is to play alone or online. He only allows us to start a race, launch a quick game, training, tutorial or training. The latter is made up of mini-challenges to be met in order to obtain cuts, and a success at the same time. As for the online modes, we can participate in qualifying games, leisure games or with a friend and finally we have the possibility of consulting a list of players blocked in multiplayer. FYI, Quick Match lets you play 16 pro players like Casper Ruud, Carlos Alcaraz, Heather Watson, Amanda Anisimova and even Benoît Paire, but too bad every time a ball misses we don’t. listen: “The little pussy, the little pussy she has, the chaaaattte!!”. It’s still quite frustrating not to have bigger name players. Let’s focus on the My career mode, which is undoubtedly the part of the game in which we will spend the most time, and note that we can create six different ones. Of course, it’s time to customize your avatar, which will only take us three minutes, given the few possible options… After having quickly validated, we find ourselves in the service, at the end of a very demanding match in view of the score in the final tie-break. After some exchanges and the loss of the point, the first expected moment of this game arrives, the discovery of a weak point of our opponent. In fact, in this game, it is not enough to return the balls stupidly, but to discover the weaknesses and strengths of our opponent in the exchanges to create tactics to win the match. Here we note that after three consecutive losses, the opposing player suffers a strength and accuracy penalty.

One of the opponent’s weak points.

Despite that, we lost the match… Probably due to a lack of concentration. To top it off, we found out in the summary that we were in the final of the Adelaide Open, double disappointment. But that’s not so bad, because we got a place in the MPT ranking and that’s how we started our career, with the ultimate goal of becoming number 1 in the world. The My Career mode interface allows us to manage our calendar between tournaments, check our world ranking or manage our player. In this menu we can modify our racket, our shoes and our appearance, consult the statistics of our race and meet our coach. We will be able to hire others during our progression in the MPT ranking, in order to perfect our style of play. We decided to start training, in order to increase our attributes, after the bitter setback that we have finally suffered.

Here we manage our professional career

We were surprised to discover that the training mode in MyCareer is exactly the same as in the main menu, so if you ever want to master the training to the maximum, and thus earn as many points as possible, do not hesitate to return to it. training menu to improve your skills. After we have successfully completed the training, we may choose the next tournament. Here the choice will be very simple, we will go out for the Auckland Open, because the Australian Grand Slam tournament, whose difficulty is symbolized by five tennis balls, forces us to be among the top 100. So for the difficulty, a tennis ball, especially since the rewards at stake are very interesting: a racket, some shoes and 250 MPT points! After the victory in the New Zealand tournament, we won the promised 250 MPT points, a Spanish trainer, but also a racket that, in addition to being radically prettier, increases our forehand and backhand strokes by one point. Later, we will win as a result of an exhibition game, another trainer and a pair of shoes, both of which increase our power.

one of the many trainers available

It’s time to talk about how to get started with Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. In general, she is quite good. The movements of our character are fluid, the placement of the reticle of the ball bounce becomes quite natural after a few minutes of play, and the different possible shots (flat, topspin, slice, lob and drop) are easy to place after a Least effort.’ training. It’s still a shame not to see any difference in play between the different types of surfaces (hard, grass and clay).

Double fault!

Now let’s move on to the soundtrack, then to the graphics. As for the soundtrack, the menu music is quite nice, without being masterpieces. When watching a tennis match, there are few different sounds: the audience, the sound of the racket hitting the ball, the rebound, the referees, and the commentator. Matchpoint – Tennis Championships manages to lose them all. The public is soft, the sound of the ball is quite bad, but above all, the commentator is almost non-existent. The phrases he utters are triggered only at key moments, always with the same intonation, which doesn’t help. Finally, for the graphics, it is worse than the soundtrack. The public is lousy, the characters are very poorly modeled, as well as their animations when moving on the ground. Speaking of the court, when playing on clay, there are no traces during the movements of the players, not even the impacts of the balls. Despite everything, it is possible to play with an immersive view, right behind our player, and the rendering is really very interesting.

For successful hunters, apart from becoming number 1 in the world, the rest seems easy enough to achieve.

You don’t need to try to adjust the screen…

Tested on Xbox Series X

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