These models of low cost bags that are the most popular for this summer 2022!

A bag has become more than just a fashion accessory. Currently, the fashion summer bag wants to be popular and cost-effective for buyers!

Luxury leather goods are now an attractive investment. It’s a safe bet that the trendy summer bag will be dominated by these “jewels” that are becoming increasingly inaccessible to the general public.

But it will make investors around the world happy. In fact, the greed of some people makes the price of these bags skyrocket. Find out which brand to invest in!

Fashionable summer bag: luxury is essential

We find luxury items new or second hand, but both are worth a fortune. In fact, in 2020, the auction that took place in Hong Kong blew up the record price of luxury leather goods. And as one can easily imagine, the Hermès brand undisputedly wins the title of luxury goods in the market. However, even though they are super expensive, they want to dominate the summer bag trend this year.

In fact, they become safe and profitable investments. So, make your trendy summer bag a safe haven for your future! Forget fancy accessories with no other goal than to perfect the style. Today we want to wear elegant, distinguished garments and if they are unique or limited editionsit’s even better.

If you want to earn hundreds of euros with the resale of your modern summer bag, invest in the hermes brand ! It is well known that this factory has the most popular models among fans. But even in the range, you have to distinguish between what is profitable and what is not. To do this, a specialist in the sale of second-hand items gives us some advice.

In case you want to invest in the purchase of a fashionable summer bag at Hermès, opt for the collection Model Kelly Himalayas or the Birkin. These models are the most popular on the market and buyers agree to buy them at extravagant prices. So don’t be afraid to bet everything on these two models!

Hang a treasure in your dressing room

We are not talking about gold or diamond jewelry, but about trendy summer bags, animal skins or leather. We must not forget that the value of an Hermès can buy the house of some people. Therefore, if you have one of these brands in your home, you should not hesitate to take care of it. It can save your day… a day!

The modern crocodile skin summer bag from Hermès is undoubtedly the most expensive on the market. During the aforementioned auction, a bag Hermès in white crocodile, estimated at 100,000 euros, is resold more than 4 times more expensive. Yes, that day it was won at the price of 437,330 dollars, or 365,545 euros. oh yes, he luxury leather goods they have become a very successful savings method.

But constancy models of the same brand are also very popular. Indeed, if this article has an estimate of 6,000 to 8,000 euros, it is finally sold at a price of 27,900 euros. Can you imagine that one day, your trendy summer bag would be so valuable? It’s not impossible, just bet on the right “horse” and voila!

Sara Bennami, director of the secondhand site’s leather goods department, also says other brands should be considered. Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Speedy Graffiti by Stephen Sprouse enter for example in the race. The vintage Chanel Timeless in navy blue and red leather from 1991 is also a safe bet!

How to turn your trendy summer bag into an investment

The director of Collector Square gives us some tips for investing in this type of product. To do this, you have to pay attention to the treatment of your summer fashion bag, which will be worth gold. First of all, you have to shelter from water, light and moisture. This will prevent exposing your bag to warping.

So, a golden rule that we must absolutely follow, we must not never leave the bag. And if you want your trendy summer bag to be an investment, make sure you keep all the records that prove its authenticity. Specifically, certificates, box, protective bag… And above all, try to carry it as little as possible!

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