3 addresses to discover Lebanese gastronomy in a different way

When we talk about Lebanese cuisine, we immediately think of mezes, hummus or even tabbouleh. There are also flavors like rose water and orange blossom. However, the gastronomy of the Levante country hides many specialties little known to us. We invite you to discover these products that invite you to travel.

Lebanese Terroirs

In this online delicatessen you can find real nuggets quite difficult to get in France, such as pomegranate molasses or carob, freekeh, fig jam with sesame… You can also enjoy typical pastries such as bird’s nests made with pistachios and angel hair. There is also hummus, orange blossom water or even zaatar, products with a much more frank and authentic flavor than those that can be found in our country.

Lebanese Terroirs is the ethical brand of the Lebanon Fair Trade Association. Its objective is to help small Lebanese producers to export their gastronomic products in order to increase the standard of living of their communities.

Our must-try favorites: hummus, tahini and eggplant caviar.

You can buy the products on the site. Lebanese Terroirs

The Baltis Glacier

Get your passport ready, because once you walk through the gate, you will be transported directly to Lebanon! A few steps from the Place de la Bastille, this new address invites you to embark on a rather unique taste experience in the capital. We must first talk aboute the texture of sorbets and ice creams, incredibly light and creamy. They were developed by Jean-Thomas Schneider, Ice Cream World Champion 2018 and Best Ice Cream Maker in France 2019 and they are low in sugar, with a high percentage of raw materials, including 60% fruit for sorbets.

Then there are the perfumes: we find the Lebanese classics like orange blossom or pistachiobut also others more unusual for our European palates, such as boughta milk cream, scented with orange blossom sap and mastic, pistachio and orchid root, provides a unique texture or even the halawaa typical sweet that looks a bit like nougat made with white sesame paste and pistachios.

And to finish, we could not fail to mention the toppings to add to the ice cream: roasted pistachio chips or Lebanese cotton candy (a little crazy). Don’t miss the homemade lemonade with a touch of orange blossom pastries.

27, rue Saint-Antoine – 75004 Paris
Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 20:00.
Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 10 p.m.

Sâj’s authentic Lebanese pancakes

This is one of the most popular Lebanese street food dishes. the saj it is a very thin flatbread that is cooked in a vaulted oven that bears the same name (like the tajine ). Then we garnish it like a sandwich. Lebanese chef Alan Geaam has wanted to pay homage to its origins by opening SÂJ. On the menu we obviously find La man’ouché, the most traditional recipe that we eat in the country of the country for breakfast, but also more original creations that make our mouths water like the version with halloumi, this very trendy Cypriot cheese or even with labneh and Kalamata olives.

Sâj: the Lebanese pancake
51 rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris

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