Elisabeth Borne, the week that showed her “layer of humanity”

POLITICS – “It’s even a very good week, you can write it.” like many of parliamentarians of the majority, Erwan Balanant (MoDem) is enthusiastic about his new Prime Minister, Elizabeth Borne. In the Sunday newspaper This Sunday, July 10, Aurore Bergé, president of the LREM group, salutes “your general policy statement, your authority and your malice.”

A given time at the start after the bad legislative resultsshe, who did not win over a young rebel in Calvados (52.47% compared to 47.53% for Noé Gauchard), and who was called techno and not made for the job, gave another face this week.

“We spend our time answering dumb questions”

First image, Wednesday, July 7 in the afternoon, just before his long-awaited political speech. She walks from Matignon to the National Assembly surrounded by handpicked ministers, starting with Gérald Darmanin. A relative of Elisabeth Borne had entrusted the Parisian, two days earlier that he “couldn’t stand” the Minister of the Interior. A staging to counteract all the rumors of a bad deal during which Élisabeth Borne blurts out: “It’s so much fun because we spend our time answering stupid questions!”

A small phrase, captured by the cameras of BFMTV and LCI present in the place, which would have served to “give a good image of her”, according to several deputies who see it as a communication operation consisting of toning down the clichés about her. seriousness and the “techno” side of it, criticized by some of her opponents, and that the French have been able to observe so far.

Since his appointment at Matignon on May 16, opinion polls have not been in his favor. On June 10, for his first test at the YouGov Barometer of HuffPost, the prime minister does not reach more than 20% of favorable opinions, ten points less than her predecessors Jean Castex and Édouard Philippe at the same time. On June 25, in an Ifop barometer for the JDDonly 37% of the French say they are satisfied with their action.

Opposed to keeping Damien Abad in government, she suffered several refusals from Emmanuel Macron who finally agreed to her request during the 4th of July reorganization. In an interview with the magazine SHE on July 6 he affirmed his election saying: “We expect politicians to be exemplary.” Regarding the criticism in his profile, he evacuates things like this: “The debate to call me ‘techno’-‘no techno’ is quite surreal”.

“Born born”

July 7, the day of the long-awaited general policy speech in a hemicycle packed withvirulent opposition, Elisabeth Borne had to “break the armor”. He did so, in the middle of a speech on the method -“commitment”- and on the main lines of his policy -“work a little more”, “fight against all discrimination” and ecology, health, education and power acquisitive as priorities – pronounces these words and reveals a strong emotion: “If I am here in front of you, Prime Minister of France, I owe it to the Republic that reached out to me, making me a student of the Nation when I was that child whose father I had never really come back from the camps.”

Feedback is good. He is not impressed by the boos coming from the rebellious benches. “Borne is born,” tweets editorialist Jean-Michel Apathie. “She is a woman full of resources, not at all the caricature that is made of her,” says a minister who appreciates her. “She is funny, caustic, efficient and hard-working,” she lists, admiringly. “VShe is someone who has profoundly humanist values, serving the State is a lifelong commitment”, praises Erwan Balanant.

After the legislative elections, he is in charge of writing all the deputies a congratulatory message on Telegram with their telephone number. ”A very nice gesture on your part that allows you to establish contact and integrate the new elected officials”, greets Sandrine Le Feur, deputy of the LREM of Finistere for whom “you can tell that she is listening” and that she did not have “not that connection with former First Ministers”.

He has shown his layer of humanity that we thought he was missing, but he has to be careful because his political weight is weaker than that of some ministers.A leading executive advisor

During the pot organized in the Elysée gardens on July 7, it is “super accessible” with parliamentarians often neglected during the previous term, according to Erwan Balanant. “She asked me to return the note that she had made for the climatic evaluation of the laws by Telegram”, values ​​the MoDem deputy who feels open to dialogue. In ELLE, Borne highlighted her “ability to listen and her composure”.

The praises are raining, although the heavyweights of his government such as Gérald Darmanin and Bruno Le Maire are already beginning to think about what is next and both say they want to intervene “on all issues”. “He showed his layer of humanity that we thought was missing, the general policy speech is successful but he has to be careful because his political weight is weaker than that of some ministers,” warns an adviser to the top executive. Some ministerial advisers call her “Madame Borne” with a touch of condescension, as if it was not really her who decided.

Far from criticism and gossip, Elisabeth Borne continues on her way, spreads smiles and jokes during the economic meetings in Aix-en-Provence in which she will participate on Saturday, July 9. “There are still people who use plastic bottles, right?” she says in front of the BFMTV cameras and confesses to the news channel that she had “a lot of fun seeing certain reactions”. A way to erase the image of austerity shown at the beginning of her inauguration.

The minister who wants to remain anonymous is not worried about the future: “It’s like Édouard Philippe, at first we wondered who this big bet was and then the French got to know and appreciate it. You’ll see, you haven’t seen anything yet!

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