“France does not have a trans figure identifiable by the public,” laments La Briochée

“How dare you deprive people of the best bread in France? ! It was to a laugh that La Briochée retired at the end of episode 3 of Endurance race France broadcast on saturday France 2. The drag queen stood out on the show with her sense of humor and her words full of wisdom and inspiration in transidentity, homophobia and fatphobia. The artist agreed to resume his career with 20 minutes.

As soon as you leave, you say you’re happy. You took things philosophically…

Because it is a privilege to have this platform no matter what. I had the opportunity to be part of it and I am aware of it. It’s nothing to be on France 2 and have been chosen from hundreds of candidates, in a country where oppressive voices are getting louder and louder. In my eyes, I did not lose: I won.

You thanked the show for giving you a platform. Do you feel that your voice has been heard?

So sorry, for all the messages of encouragement, thanks and support you have sent me. I get hundreds every day, it’s pretty crazy. I think my voice and speech resonated with a lot of people, so I’m super happy.

You also taught the general public that being a drag queen isn’t just for men…

Yeah, I’ve gotten quite a few messages to that effect, from people saying to themselves, “Actually, being a drag is open to everyone “. I am very happy that I can represent that. This is something that has not entered people’s minds yet. I want to convey the fact that people who want to do drag do not have to wonder if they are legitimate to do it or not. I I would like it to enter the collective consciousness in front of this art. I think we have taken a step forward and I am happy about it.

You are one of the few, if not the only, trans woman who has had visibility in a conventional program in France. What does this remind you of?

C’est vrai que je travaille beaucoup, en dehors du drag, dans la représentation de la transidentité dans le paysage audiovisuel et cinématographique français et que je peux dire, d’expérience, que nous sommes très en retard en France par rapport à d’ other countries. We still do not have, at this time, an openly trans figure identifiable by the general public. Our neighbors have or have had these figures. I’m thinking of Poison in Spain, Annie Wallace in Britain, this trans actress is acting in a soap opera. [Hollyoaks] for six years… We don’t have that. I don’t know if I will become that figure, but I hope I have opened a door to another openly trans personality. Otherwise I will feel like I have the shoulders to take on this role and I am already delighted to have offered this first visibility.

What is your best memory of the show?

It can be a mess, but it is the sisterhood that reigned among us and that continues to carry us. We share amazing moments together. I didn’t expect this, to feel so connected to such incredible artists. It is really a gift, an important advantage in an adventure like this.

The “Snatch Game” quiz will be on the menu for the next episode. What personality were you planning to embody?

Even if I had fulfilled the game for show, I’m not one to do the resemblance. It is not an immediate pleasure for me. I was thinking of doing Maïté, but I know I wasn’t the only one. When Lova and I found out on set that we had the same idea, we said, “We’ll see if we get to the snatch game both”. But the matter has been resolved in the meantime (laughs). In plan B, I would have liked to do Joseph Gorgoni in his emblematic character of Marie-Thérese Porchet. I know his show very well. I would not have done this snatch game flagship will remain a minor disappointment.

Where will the public be able to applaud you in the coming weeks?

This summer I am having a viewing party with Lolita Banana at Who’s Bar in Paris. I will do another one in Lille, on July 28, with Stargirl, at the Grand Scène. On July 15 I will be at Faust’s Bitch Party in Paris. after the tour drag race at the beginning of the school year, I will be at Madame Arthur’s Cabaret of November

A word to add? A message to convey?

I would just go to people saying that you only get one life, that you really have to make sure that you do everything you can to do what you want. When you give it your all, it always ends up paying off, I’m in a good position to say that.

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