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We are in the mid-90s. At that time, with the arrival of the PS1 and the Nintendo 64, platform games took over 3D. Two camps are emerging: those who put both feet on the plate, like the pioneer Jumping Flash or the essential Super Mario 64; while others opt for a smoother transition, such as Crash Bandicoot and -the one that interests us today- Klonoa. A discreet license, still at the time, returned in the form of a compilation of the first two episodes. A relevant comeback? Our opinion !

Find above, on autoplay, a homemade gameplay video of the Klonoa 1 remaster.

  • Tested on PS5. Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One | Series, switch.

He is not as cultured as Mario or Crash Bandicoot but his return is a pleasure! today we are talking about Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Seriesa compilation that includes the first two episodes of the license: Klonoa Gate to Phantomile (1997, PS1) | Klonoa 2 Lunatea’s Veil (2001, PS2). Of course, the famous rabbit-cat took advantage of this time to cool off. Both works now benefit froman updated game engine, offering, apart from some details, the same visual representation in each panel. Good thing for Klonoa’s PS1 adventure, which used a mix of 2D and 3D at the time. For the PS2 chapter, it’s so far slimmer and more colorful than ever. Come on, let’s jump into this nostalgia bath. We tell you what it’s worth!

Left: Klona 1 and 2; right: Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series

The return of a cult PlayStation video game: the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series trial!The return of a cult PlayStation video game: the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series trial!The return of a cult PlayStation video game: the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series trial!

A ring to govern them all

We told you before, Klonoa is one of the first platform games to have integrated 3D into its approach to the genre. Although the player moves here on a 2D axis, all other elements (the decorations in particular) are in three dimensions. The franchise plays like this with the first and the second plan, depth effects and the angle that the main road takes. There are also quite a few branch lines and alternative routes, especially on the Door to Phantomile. A teleporter will often be needed to access a path that can be seen in the distance or grab an opponent to flip a switch in the background of the scene. Because Klonoa can count on a magic ring that allows him to catch | throws almost all enemies, a bit like suction | Kirby spits. The rabbit-cat can in this way perform a double jump, attack or destroy objects forward/down/at the bottom, but also exploit the abilities of creatures (such as flying). One last point much more developed in Klonoa 2.

Also, know that this build incorporates two new difficulty modes : “Facile” (five hearts au lieu de trois, moins de dégâts des ennemis, vies illimité name) et “Difficile”, which was released on the chaque episode après avoir finé l’aventure – tout comme un autre mode contre-la- Clock. While “Normal” restores the same challenge as the original games. Above all, “Easy” extends the range of the magic ring to capture monsters without getting stuck. A very good point: this aspect of Klonoa’s gameplay often felt flawed to us, especially in the first game. This one offers more floating sensations, in general less successful than her older brother, with a level design that is sometimes quite labyrinthine. Therefore, we recommend that you start with Door to Phantomile to feel better and not “less good” in the rest of the game!

Two player mode, fast forward:

In addition to a new engine and difficulty modes, the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series offers other little bonuses: first, the ability to play two. We are not talking about two players cooperating on the same screen, but aboutsupport for the hero to make a big jump (probably equivalent to a double jump). Your friend will need to press a key to activate this ability, and that’s it! Therefore, we envision parents accompanying their child. Klonoa becomes much simpler, as you don’t need to catch a monster to double-jump across an obstacle. Finally, note that you can now speed up scenes (x5 playback speed) or just skip them altogether if you wish.

Klonoa 2 – A Level in Troubled Waters (Gameplay)

A dive into the deep

As you may have understood, Klonoa is based on quite original gameplay. Here, you should not rely on the hero’s abilities but on those offered by the enemies. At this point, the second episode does better than its predecessor, with new creatures introduced regularly and in the service ofa real game diversity (a bit like sonic colors). In Lunatea’s Veil’s, you can, for example, launch yourself into the air in rocket mode, shoot lightning, fly for a few seconds thanks to a propeller. A nice picture completed by other qualities: well-exploited level themes, pleasant phases in snowboarding, more successful bosses, better integrated and tied narration. Let’s agree: Door to Phantomile has qualities, but it looks a bit too much -and this is obviously logical- to a draft of the second work.

Although Klonoa 2 is a bit above the first episode, the two parts are still quite enjoyable to navigate. At this point, we must salute the precious redesign work of the Monkey Craft studio (Katamari Damacy Replay) especially in the founding game of 1997. By direct comparison, the result is immediate: we see a strong balance between fidelity | modernity, without necessarily having to blush at the latest platformers. Regarding Klonoa 2, as mentioned above, the rendering is necessarily less creepy because it’s much closer to the base material, but it’s more than satisfactory. In short, a choice scenario to traverse levels against the backdrop of an eerie soundtrack, find hidden objects and 150 jewels. All in all, a very nice time travel, albeit hampered by old school game design.



  • 2 games in 1 (10-12h in a straight line)
  • A solid visual review
  • The original game is still relevant
  • The new difficulty mode “Easy”

Weak points

  • Klonoa 1 clearly below
  • A design sometimes too old-fashioned

Are you looking for a platform game that is both colorful and original? Then Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series is probably for you! In this compilation that brings together the first two works of the Klonoa series, Bandai Namco and the Monkey Craft studio deliver a solid redesign work, especially notable in the foundational part. Despite a simple technique, the levels are colorful and very pleasant to navigate. Of course, the level design is still that of a late 1990s/early 2000s title, which is particularly felt in Klonoa 1. Regardless, the epic is charming and finds its climax during the second episode. In short, a good nostalgic parenthesis!

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