Lot and Garonne. These chefs, like Benjamin Toursel, who cook strawberries beautifully

Benjamin Toursel, star chef at the Prieuré de Moirax. (©Photo DR)

Every month theAOPn strawberries de France, which brings together nearly 400 strawberry producers in France, presents a territory where the favorite fruit of the French is one of the most emblematic products. We had to go through Lot and Garonnethe department with 17,000 tons of strawberries produced on its land.

Benjamin Toursel, star chef of the Prieuré de Moirax, in Moirax, was commissioned by the AOPn Fraises to prepare a recipe for this July. Here it is !

Local Strawberries, Capers, Lemon Thyme Sparkling Cream, Vegetable Water by Star Chef Benjamin Toursel

Benjamin Toursel, star chef of the Prieuré de Moirax in Moirax (47) delivers his gourmet recipe based on strawberries from Lot-et-Garonne.

For 4 people – Preparation: 40 min. – Ingredients
for vegetation water

• 600g of strawberries plus 300g
• 200 g of strawberry vinegar
• 75 g of sugar
• ½ vanilla pod
• 60 g of lemon juice

For the foamy cream

• 200 g of white chocolate
• 150 g of hot cream
• 300 g of cold cream
• 100 g lemon thyme
• 1 lemon zest

for the meringue

• 60 g of egg white
• 50 g of dehydrated egg whites
• 150 g of sugar
• 100 g of strawberry juice
• 100 g of capers
Step 1: Prepare the foamy cream (the day before)

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1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath.

2. Boil the 150 g of cream with the thyme and zest. Allow to infuse for 15 minutes and then pour over the white chocolate.

3. Blend using an immersion blender. Add the cold cream and stir again, let stand overnight.

4. The next day, beat the ganache and obtain a foamy mixture.

Step 2: Vegetation Water

1. Cut the strawberries in 4.

2. Combine 600 g strawberries and all ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes.

3. Cool and pass through gauze without pressing.

4. Pick the strawberries and reserve the juice separately.

5. Chop the strawberries and mix them with 300 g of fresh strawberries cut into brunoise. Get a compote.
Step 3: Prepare the meringue

1. Bring the sugar and strawberry juice to 120°, start beating the egg whites and pour the syrup on top little by little.

2. Pour into a fairly thick greased pan and bake at 50° overnight.

3. Blanch the capers and reserve them in syrup (100g of water for 50g of sugar and 20g of lemon juice)

Step 4: The same day

1. In the bottom of a deep plate, place some strawberry compote.

2. Place a good quenelle of lemon thyme ganache on top, add the strawberry vegetation water, some capers and a drizzle of olive oil.

3.Cut a slice of meringue with a serrated knife.

4. Decorate with some spicy leaves (nasturtium, arugula, wasabina, etc.)

5. Tasting.

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