this fun feature was discovered 11 years after the game was released

Yes there is one Play that always remains fascinating 11 years after its release, it’s good Skyrim. the game of Bethesda still has many secrets that require you to spend an additional 74 hours in front of your console or computer to be discovered, like this one weird feature.

Skyrim : a secret quest or a hilarious bug?

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The game may be 11 years old, but its quality, the amount of content that it offers, the fierce modding community and the (very) numerous reissues of the game mean that the Bethesda title still has a great future ahead of it. Many people are still very active in this and it is important to remember that Three generations of consoles were able to test it, from PS3 to PS5, through XBox, Nintendo Switch, obviously on PC but also in VR. And how do we know that The Elder Scrolls VI not ready to arrive, the game is not in danger of disappearing. Currently, fans of the license ITS you have three options. Play the online version, play old games or a new game 74 of Skyrim.

And it is a third category player that interests us today. Indeed, Reddit page dedicated to Skyrim still very prolific in funny and shared messages. One of the most popular posts of the week on the platform broadcasts the existence of a secret feature, a search that no one had discovered before. The user u/BiShyAndWantingToDie shared a series of three screenshots that prove… thatit was possible to play tag with a dragon. This children’s game usually consists of running after the other person, and if you touch it, it becomes “the cat” and must in turn touch another person so that it in turn becomes the cat. If the right conditions are met, it is quite possible to play tag with a dragon, and even in the standard version of the game.

Skyrim : Dragons are big kids too

Given the success of the is very likely that no one knew that this function existed before. Within Skyrimwhen you play Cat with a child, you get a little quest, also called “homework”, telling you that you need to find the child and interact with him. Then you have to hide and depending on your stealth score he will have to do the same.. But when a dragon joins the game, that’s another story. It seems the game didn’t plan for that.

The privileged hypothesis is that, since the cat game is theoretically accessible to all, the game code specifies that anyone who interacts with a “hidden” target in turn becomes the cat. If you are playing with a child and the appearance of a dragon interrupts your game, if this dragon “touches” the child (don’t worry, they are immortal), therefore, the dragon immediately turns into the cat and you will have the mission to run away from it.. The other hypothesis advanced by a user in the comments would be that the AI ​​of the cat game would be coded in such a way that it would only exclude adults from the game, leaving the possibility of creatures participating, since there are few possibilities. to find such monsters in the city. But farm animals are not included in this exception. Therefore, the case would be specific to dragons. In any case, the mystery remains intact and it is always nice to see new things being discovered in Skyrimlike the original appearance of the werewolves in the game, who were very ugly.

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