Why is it essential to rinse rice to preserve its benefits?

Rice, a cereal with multiple benefits

With a shopping list as long as your arm, when you’re a parent, you quickly get to the essentials. However, putting pasta and rice on an equal footing in the starch department is a mistake. Pasta does not grow in nature, unlike rice, which is a gluten-free cereal. It has a good fiber content (especially when it comes to brown rice), which delays the increase in blood sugar while contributing to the proper functioning of transit and the reduction of bad cholesterol. Rice has a good level of selenium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are needed respectively for immunity, good bone health, the nervous system (to reduce stress levels and promote sleep), training, and bones and teeth. powerful…

However, not all rice is created equal. Marion Alves de Oliveira, Doctor of Pharmacy and Naturopath, I don’t recommend white rice for various reasons: “Its glycemic index is much higher and includes so-called ’empty calories’, because the refining removes fiber and nutrients. Therefore, it is much less interesting from a nutritional point of view. I often recommend semi-complete rice, which is better tolerated than brown rice and cooks just as quickly as white rice, which has a fairly similar flavor. »

Between the three main categories (short-grain rice, medium-grain rice and long-grain rice) and their many varieties on the market (Thai rice, round, black – also called wild rice – red, etc.), our expert thus suggests the semi-full basmati ricewhich has a lower glycemic index.

Rinse the rice, a reflex to adopt urgently

Perhaps you have already heard about this step, without really understanding its interest or determining its usefulness: rinsing the rice. Our specialist explains to us on this subject “It is important to rinse the rice well, because many times it contains traces of arsenic. Brown rice also needs to be soaked the day before, before eating, to make it more digestible. »

Indeed, rice is particularly exposed to arsenic (up to 10 times more than other cereals), naturally present in the rock and, indirectly, in groundwater where it remains diluted in inorganic form. As rice grows in water, it regularly shows an arsenic level that exceeds official recommendations. Thus, a significant intake of rice can have notorious consequences for health (Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.). Hence the interest of rinsing it but also of varied cereals such as buckwheat, quinoa, millet, spelled…

Preserve the benefits of rice with proper cooking

It is rumored that short cooking preserves all the benefits of the rice. Marion Alves de Oliveira clarifies this point: “As with pasta, the longer the rice is cooked, the higher the glycemic index. So, we will create insulin spikes in the body to manage all this amount of sugar and yo-yo with our blood sugar levels with, in the long run, diabetes risk. »

However, it is advisable to adjust the cooking time according to the type of rice chosen, as our naturopath points out: “Red or black rice is brown rice, it takes a long time to cook. »

rice against diarrhea

Here’s one Grandma’s remedy for diarrhea well known ! However, only white rice can help you, because it is part of the food without waste, and what says absence of waste is absence of saddle. Quite the opposite of brown rice whose fibers favor the digestive system, and therefore speed up transit, already greatly diminished by diarrhea. While all white rice is fine, short round rice has the highest starch content, a key element in fighting colic.

In addition to pure rice, its cooking water can also be beneficial. According to our expert, it should be consumed warm or cold in small sips throughout the day. “This rehydrates and improves stool consistency.”

Red Rice Powder in Dietary Supplements

Solgar, Orfito, Dieti-natura… The big names in the food supplements market offer red yeast rice, to which we attribute effects on cholesterol. Marion Alves de Oliveira states that it has “an anticholesterolemic effect following the same mode of action as the class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins. They reduce the production of cholesterol by the liver for people who have too much cholesterol. However, she recommends prioritizing a diet and lifestyle adapted to the specific profile of people with high cholesterol. She reminds that it is always best to seek the advice of a professional before supplementing alone.

Rice in hair care

Your best hair friend probably contains it… It’s the dry shampoo ! Yes, many references are formulated with rice starch, useful for absorbing excess sebum. Among them, Energie Fruit, which specifies that rice starch is also useful for “detangling and smoothing the hair, softening it and soothing the scalp.”

You can also find rice extracts in shampoos and liquid treatments. Thus, Coco & Eve, a cosmetics brand inspired by the treasures of Balinese nature, has chosen to incorporate rice protein in its moisturizing and detangling leave-in treatment, because “it strengthens, repairs and protects the hair by forming a protective layer to prevent breakage and split ends. For its part, Gallinée incorporates fermented rice water in each of its references, in order to take care of the microbiome (all the microorganisms naturally present on the surface of the skin) of the scalp.

Rice powder in cosmetics

The skin can also benefit from the benefits of rice. Thus, the Ozyza brand has made it the star ingredient in its products, all of which contain it. In its essential serumpeptides rice they are present. They were chosen for their ability to “plump the skin and restore elasticity.”

The ACM laboratory uses it in its Boréade mattifying sebum-regulating treatment, in powder form. Together with its own active ingredient, the latter helps to neutralize excess sebum and, consequently, shine. Same objective for Evoluderm moisturizing cream for normal to combination skin, which also contains rice powder.

Finally, on the makeup side, rice also has a nice place. We no longer present the iconic Bourjois Java Rice Powder. From generation to generation, it is present in dressing tables, its “sublimating” properties on the complexion being especially appreciated.

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