90 years, 90 stores, the saga of a Belle-iloise success in Quiberon – Auray

1932. Creation of the canning company by Georges Hilliet who himself designed the decoration with the characteristic dragon of the house. Coming from a family of sailors, at the age of 22 he created a cannery in Port Maria to be closer to the sea. At that time there were fourteen canneries in Quiberon!

1962. Launch of fish soup with the ambition of resorting to new products to diversify the range. Today the recipe has changed a bit but the base and quality are the same.

1967. With the arrival of the big retailers, La Belle-iloise had to adapt and opened its first direct sales store in Port Maria. A way to preserve quality by going directly to meet your customers. A new profession, a crazy but winning bet!

1968. Launch of the first fish paste. A way to seduce tourists but above all to avoid waste and take advantage of fish leftovers that do not fit in cans.

1972. Bernard and Georges fils take over the management of the company. The oldest and youngest of the brothers, who have five children, open a second store at the same time in Carnac.

Two anniversary boxes to celebrate 90 years with the ten star products of the range and four novelties. (The Telegram / Veronique Le Bagousse)

1982. New turning point in the company with the launch of distance selling. An innovative idea for the time and an activity that opens new perspectives with two paper catalogs a year.

1994. Tight in the Port Maria workshop, the company grew and moved to the Plein Ouest area. The opportunity to see bigger, to bring production tools to the standard and to open new perspectives. La Belle-iloise then had ten stores and grew from 500 m² to 3,000 m². In 1996, Bernard Hilliet took over sole management of the house.

2011. It was Caroline Le Branchu, her daughter, who became the head of the family business. This third generation grew up with Belle-Iloise and is fluent in its theme. The transfer of power is proceeding smoothly, it has been prepared for five years. The fourth generation is already on the way. A date that also marks an acceleration.

2007. The web unfolds and multiplies distribution.

Belle-Iloise The emblematic box of the house
Emblematic box of the house designed by Georges Hilliet. (The Telegram / Veronique Le Bagousse)

2014. The opening of the Saint-Avé logistics platform where order preparation and shipments are now carried out.

2020. New range, with cups, algae-based recipes, an approach to healthy eating and pleasure.

2022. Today, the company has between 350 and 650 employees depending on seasonal activity. On June 11, it opened its 90th boutique, which, like the others, opens up to the emblematic universe of the brand. La Belle-Iloise, committed to a CSR approach, has just obtained the responsible brand label and continues on this path of excellence, respectful of the environment, in direct contact between producer and consumer.

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