Britney Spears on honeymoon: her fun secret to losing weight

Britney Spears shared a video from her honeymoon on July 6. In the caption of her post, the young woman made a fun secret about her weight loss.

Britney Spears is an accomplished woman. On September 29, the Los Angeles court ruled officially lifted guardianship that Jamie Spears had exercised over her daughter for 13 years. A victory for the singer who demanded his freedom for several months and that he hoped to be able to return to a normal life. During this painful ordeal, she was able to count on the support of Sam Asghari, whom she married last June. After her marriage, they both went on their honeymoon and Britney Spears share your moments of happiness with his followers on his Instagram account. On July 6, in the caption of a video in which she appears in a swimsuit and appears more smiling than ever, she revealed her secret to lose weight quickly. “ride a helicopter“, he wrote before adding that he thinks so.”I already lost a kilo in a single dayA piece of advice that has not gone unnoticed derives from the comments on her publication, Internet users said that she was very beautiful and that they were happy to see her so fulfilled.

It was June 9 Britney Spears and Sam Asghari they said “yes” in Los Angeles during a ceremony that brought together many celebrities. Among them, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Donatella Versace, Drew Barrymore or Ansel Elgort. Quickly, Britney Spears shared new shots on her Instagram account, to the delight of her subscribers. “Wow !!! WE’VE DONE IT !!! WE ARE MARRIED ! It was the most spectacular day!!!”, she had first said in the caption of her post. “The ceremony was a dream and the party even better!!! So many amazing people came to our wedding and I am still in shock!“, she continued before making a further statement to her husband: “Sam Asghari, I love you!” As a reminder, the ceremony had been disrupted by Jason Alexander, the ex-husband of the singer who had tried to spoil this special day. There was tried to enter your house a few hours before their wedding. Quickly arrested by security, Britney Spears was finally able to marry the man of her life and live a true fairy tale.

Britney Spears: what sad news did she announce to her fans?

Since regaining her freedom, Britney Spears now seems much more fulfilled. However, the singer faced a blow last May. while she was pregnant with her third childHe explained that he had lost the baby. “It is with great sadness that we have to announce that we lost our miracle baby early in our pregnancy. This is a devastating time for any parent.” entrusted to his subscribers before adding: Maybe we should have waited until later in the pregnancy, but we were too excited to share the good news.“. During this difficult period, Britney Spears was able to count on the support of Sam Asghari.

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