forget about Black Friday, Amazon is lowering its prices (-80%)

Prime Day is an unmissable event on Amazon. The American merchant invented this operation (on his birthday) to thank his loyal customers. The sales are very aggressive and the turnover generated is even higher than during Black Friday.

For Amazon, Prime Day has trumped Black Friday for years. The American retailer invented the concept of Prime Day to thank all its loyal customers and celebrate its anniversary date with them. For this 2022 edition, Prime Day will be held officially for 48 hours between July 12 and 13. However, Amazon did not wait until Tuesday to launch its first offers.

As of Friday morning, the merchant is already offering exclusive discounts through its e-commerce site. Be careful, like all Prime Day deals, Amazon reserves them for its Prime members. Therefore, you must take the Prime subscription (€49 per year or €5.99 per month) to be eligible. Luckily, you are entitled to a free 30-day trial period: if you subscribe, you can enjoy all the benefits of the program at no cost.

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Below, you can find an updated list with all the good offers of the moment before Prime Day Amazon. If the platform is already multiplying the offers on its site, we can see that the competition is trying to take advantage of the popularity to drop some nuggets. Software publishers or some brands (Dyson, Emma) cut prices during this period. You have every interest in taking advantage of it.

Like every Black Friday and Prime Day, Amazon is registering record sales of its products. Whether it’s the Echo Dot or Show (with its Alexa voice assistant), Ring alarms, or eero Wi-Fi routers and repeaters, the reductions are stratospheric. It’s definitely a good time to get your hands on it. For example, the 4th generation Echo Dot is shown at -70%, which is simply magical. Ring-connected surveillance and alarm systems and 50%-off Kindles are also a very good deal.

In this weekend before Prime Day, Amazon is not alone in the niche. It must be said that the balance sheets are still up and running and that there are other players there. This is the case, for example, of Boursorama Banque, which offers 150 euros to all its new customers (until Monday night). There is also the telecom operator RED by SFR that is launching an offer in RED Deal with an excellent Redmi Note 11S offered. There’s also Dyson and Emma who have deals through Monday night.

Prime Day, an Amazon event

Globally, Alibaba is the leader in e-commerce. The platform has been organizing two of its own events for several years: its anniversary in March, but above all Singles’ Day (November 11), which is the biggest day of e-commerce worldwide. Given these events, Amazon has decided to respond like a teacher with its Prime Day.

Prime Day was born in 2015, in the month of July, which also marks the trader’s date of birth. Amazon wanted to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the time by offering a day of price reductions to all its Prime members. Given the success, the American group has further strengthened the quality of its offers to its 200 million Prime customers around the world. Today, Prime Day is more important than Black Friday for him, in terms of income.

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In France, of course, Black Friday represents colossal global turnover. That said, Amazon now has it both ways. And July’s Prime Day promises deals as competitive as Black Friday. This is all the more impressive as the month of July is a month in which household consumption is quite weak compared to the end of the year.

Achieving this Prime Day revenue performance is a success for Amazon. The merchant does not hide his ambitions from him and knows how to do it. The most important brands in the world will be present with the most recent references. In technology, we can imagine that there will be discounts at Apple, Samsung, Bose, Xiaomi, Huawei or even Sony. You have to prepare in advance because everything can go very quickly.

A matter of speed on D-Day

Every year, Prime Day Amazon is taken by storm. This year, hostilities start from midnight on July 12. From Tuesday morning, very early, thousands of offers will cover the site of the American trader. We advise you to have opened your Prime account before and you will have to be reactive. Within minutes, the best deals can be gone. In the worst case, you still have 30 days to retract after the delivery of the package.

What is the purpose of Prime membership, other than Amazon Prime Day deals? In fact, being a Prime member already allows you to have all free and overnight delivery on the merchant’s site. This is already a good argument in favor of this subscription. But the Amazon ogre does not stop there since it also includes Prime Video (with its movies and series, but also sports such as Roland Garros or the Ligue 1 championship, the latter being an extra), Prime Music (catalog of 2 million titles) or Amazon Gaming.

One thing is certain: Amazon does not make money by offering a Prime subscription at such a low price. On the other hand, he thinks that Prime customers consume more and are more loyal to the e-commerce platform for their online purchases. Prime Day is an interesting example as the best deals of the year are reserved for these regular customers. The rest of the year, there are also many advantages that fully justify this subscription.

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