Heat stroke in France: this little known and very alarming symptom that you can suffer

The heat wave never ends and brings with it known inconveniences: dehydration, sweating, tiredness, disturbed sleep… but also an unexpected symptom: anxiety.

Do you feel tired, weak, palpitations, loss of sleep? This is not surprising, as temperatures continue to rise. And although it may seem surprising, in fact there are a relationship between intense heat and anxiety.

High temperatures can cause anxiety spikes, says science

The research says it all: high temperatures can promote production of the stress hormone cortisol. According to mental health nurse Caroline Harper, who spoke on the subject for Stylist, in its British version, Research has reportedly shown that cortisol levels tend to be higher in the summer months compared to winter. According to Caroline Harper, the higher your mercury rises, the more likely you are to experience palpitations, restlessness, nausea, and fatigue.

But that is not all, High temperatures can also cause panic attackswith a feeling of dizziness, palpitations or a state of dehydration. Hence the importance of staying hydrated, to protect from the sun and breathe well. Because it is not only the heat wave itself that causes these types of symptoms. Indeed, Feeling stressed in anticipation of intense heat and its consequences can increase the risk of anxiety as much as, not to mention the social expectations that encourage you to enjoy the good weather. A form of added pressure that can increase your cortisol levels and therefore anxiety. We will have understood that it will be necessary to remain in the shade as long as possible during peak heat, to remain zen and enjoy the summer.

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