Here we explain why mosquitoes are attracted to your skin! Finally effective remedies

Mosquitoes are insects that have become true enemies of human beings over the years. Carriers of disease, and nuisances of our daily lives, This is what attracts them to your skin and to your garden!

Mosquitoes, an underappreciated insect!

It is an insect that seems to have a hard time with us humans.

In fact, the latter has long been present on our Earth, and was also present when the dinosaurs lived there.

But for many years this latest seems to proliferate in unprecedented ways. In fact, global warming would be the cause of the spread of mosquitoes, which could have devastating effects.

We’ve all been bitten by mosquitoes before, which also ruined many a summer night for us.

So you should know that although this insect is very annoying for our daily lives, it is also dangerous. In fact, the latter is a carrier of many diseases, which can have a very negative impact on your health.

Every year, many people die from mosquito bites, which is quite alarming.

But have you ever wondered what it might attract to you? Well, we have the answer in this article!

This is what attracts mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are insects that bother both for their noise and for their discomfort they provide. Many people have already been affected in their sleep by a mosquito that is impossible to catch and find.

And many people have already been bothered by mosquitoes on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Many reasons explain their arrival in territories that seem a little less conducive to their development. But you should know that global warming and the sharp increase in temperatures are largely responsible. As well as the imports that are carried out unintentionally in merchandise and other luggage.

Keep in mind, however, that there are other reasons why mosquitoes come to bite us.


It is a gas that we emit when expel the air we have absorbed.

In fact, it is a compound that is present in the air we breathe and that attracts mosquitoes.

Know that they can detect our CO2 emission up to a distance equivalent to 30 meters. And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s impossible not to emit this gas.

But you can disguise it by heating a eucalyptus candle.

body odor

It is also something that attracts mosquitoes a lot.

And this is unique to each person. Keep in mind that each person emits body odor, which will more or less attract mosquitoes.

To avoid attracting them, avoid scented shower gels, perfumes, and body milks that smell good.

Pregnant women, athletes and beer drinkers attract mosquitoes!

This is information that can make many people smile, but you should know that it is real.

All this is explained by a common aspect that they share. And the latter refers to a gas that we emit, which is none other than carbon dioxide.

In order to avoid falling prey to mosquitoes, avoid beer and try many more or less effective natural repellents.

wear dark colors

There are many studies that highlight the different elements that attract these insects.

And you should know that colors can play a real role in this aspect. In fact, know that if you use some colors, you will be more likely to attract them.

The mosquito seems to appreciate red, orange, black, and cyan blue.

The light

It is an aspect and an element that attracts many insects.

Note that this is also an aspect that attracts many mosquitoes. Therefore, know that the light is more attractive at night, because it is a luminous point.

This attracts other insects, such as butterflies at night, which will have the effect of invading you.

To avoid repeated mosquito attacks when you are at home or in your garden, turn off the light.

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