the animator, angry, makes a radical decision!

Olivier Minne no longer performs! He is one of the essential faces of the PAF and even more so from those of France Télévisions. Presenter of the channel since 1990, when it was still called Antenne 2, he is still today one of the most fashionable presenters of the channel. That is why, even if it is an eviction, there is no doubt that Olivier Minne is still the presenter of France 2.

Indeed, evoking his eviction from the chain would be more typical of another field. A domain that Olivier Minne would have tried to integrate several times and without success. Annoyed by another France 2 reversal, he would then have made a radical decision. That of definitively closing the door to this type of project, to the great despair of his followers in other places. Because, Objeko make no secret of the fact that these famous projects he is giving up would have been pleasant surprises for his admirers.

Olivier Minne is happy with his work as an animator

It was in the magazine columns. TV 2 Weeks that our star presenter of France Télévisions relied on his frustrated ambitions. He thus evoked the deprogramming of jester for instance. In August 2021, it was very sad to publicly announce that the shows currently airing were the last ones. “These are the last shows of this game that I was very happy to present. Thanks to my accomplice Vanessa and my faithful assistant Sébastien Chartier who, with his talent, made this program a paste more often than it seems. Thanks to those who followed us! »Olivier Minne said.

But the sadness of his fans quickly dissipated as he remains in the animation of other cult programs on France 2. In particular Fort Boyard which has not tired its audience for many years now. But then, what project was Olivier Minne intending to give up completely? After all, it is this show that the public thinks of first when his name is mentioned.

Also, Objeko Don’t hide the fact that Olivier Minne has been talked about like never before since he gained muscle! Same Fort Boyard it was gaining visibility thanks to the new silhouette of its host. The public was amazed by his transformation, the speed of it and its impressive character. And since then, fans regularly quote him and find him awfully cute.

In short, this could be the perfect time to test our new projects in parallel with your hosting contracts. Olivier Minne could perhaps be an actor? But there you go, there he squeezes the shoe, as the saying goes. Since it is this type of project that he claimed to give up in the columns of our colleagues. explanations.

A frustrated ambition, an unattainable dream

In fact, our star entertainer harbored hopes of becoming an actor. Like many of his peers entertainers Without a doubt, it was not just a vocation that led Olivier Minne to work on television. For Nikos Aliagas it was journalism, for example. For Nagui, it is his love for music that accompanies him. And for Jean-Luc Reichmann, to name just one more, it is his desire to help his fellow man. In doing so, the latter managed to combine a career as a presenter and an actor!

A dream that has become inaccessible, could he be a colleague of France 2? It is very probable, Objeko grant it to you The fact is that she decided, five years ago, to stop dreaming by participating in castings. Olivier Minne was fed up with being rejected for his work as an animator. And in the columns of TV 2 Weekstells this nth disappointment which pushed him to make a radical decision.

“I made this decision five years ago, after another audition. It was for a France 2 series. The producer decided to withdraw me from distribution. »said the presenter. And we have to believe that Olivier Minne is still having a hard time digesting the producer’s choice at the time. Especially since the reasons given seemed totally aberrational.

They would have been rejected later, simply because of his work as a presenter on France 2. The producer would have told him that “It was not good to have a TV presenter in the cast” and Olivier Minne had a hard time swallowing it. “However, I only had a few lines to play, it cannot be said that my intervention would have damaged the reputation of the series! », he added. Since then, she stops trying luck

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