this brand of pasta urgently withdrawn from the market

Some days ago, a massive paste recall has been initiated by the ministry of health. Especially because of the possibility that they contain metal parts. In fact, this could be very dangerous for consumers. Don’t worry, the Objeko newsroom will tell you all about it. Are you ready ?

The popularity of pasta around the world

The history of pasta dates back to -8000 BC, that is, how its consumption is anchored in customs. For example, in Italy, we to eat about 23 kg per person per year in Italy. Amazing, right? In France, next door, we are bad players. With an average consumption of 8.3 kg per year and per inhabitant, we are very far from the Italian standards. It must be said that it is the simplest food in the world. And on top of that, it’s cheap.

In addition, the pasta can be prepared hot or cold and is suitable for all seasons. With tomato sauce, broth or pesto, this ingredient can be served in different ways depending on the taste of each one. Unfortunately, today we are going to share some bad news with you. In fact, the Ministry of Health has issued a food alert and has withdrawn certain batches of pasta from the market. Why ? By foreign body. So you have to be very careful.

Product recall: what can be found as foreign bodies?

The presence of foreign bodies represents a real danger for the consumer in case of accidental ingestion. On the other hand, ANSES (National Health Security Agency), does not hesitate to warn us of this freak. But do we really know what a foreign body means? Well, what we can tell you is that it is a material present in a food, considered as not conforming to consumer expectations. Even if it is rare to discover it in food, the risk exists.

And it is necessary to make the difference between two types of foreign bodies. can you find bodies strangers of exogenous origin. Those that are incorporated during a manufacturing process. But there are also foreign bodies of endogenous origin. Those who take the packaging and raw materials. Therefore, they can be heavy metal residues, medical devices, mycotoxins, parasites, allergens. Regarding the pasta, it is metal parts.

Pasta withdrawal in several supermarkets

In our case today, it is strozzapreti type pasta produced by the company Fumaiolo Srl. This product may contain metal fragments caused by the breakage of part of the work tools used during production. The batch withdrawn bears the number 004/22, in 400g format. Its expiration date is set for March 31, 2023. To avoid any accident, the Ministry of Health has immediately removed from the shelves. But for those who already have it at home, you have to be careful. In addition, we advise you to take them directly to the supermarket to get a refund or exchange them for another product.

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