Twix presents its new chocolate bar with… cookie dough!

FOR ALL! Twix just introduced their latest new cookie dough recipe! And if your mouth is already watering, it’s completely normal, so are we.

Discover the new Twix Cookie Dough, an emergency chewable bar! Credit: Twix/Instagram

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We know more than one who can fall in love with this new nugget. We already loved the classic Twix… For those who don’t know (but we doubt it because this chocolate bar is cult), the Twix are simply made up of a shortbread cookie covered with a creamy caramel and coated with chocolate milk. All for a bite full of regressive flavors! Between crisp, fluid and gourmet, the Twix really has what it takes to please our taste buds.

But that was without counting on the creativity of the brand, which regularly offers even more gourmet versions of its famous chocolate bars. With peanut butter, with gingerbread for the Christmas period or even more recently with salted butter caramel, the Twix see all the flavors and it’s not to displease us… A few days ago, the brand, distributed by the Mars Incorporated group, published a teaser of its new recipe on its Instagram account. Our taste buds trembled with impatience to discover what was hidden behind this recipe.

The suspense has lasted long enough! Twix presents its new chocolate bars with… cookie dough! Yes, yes, you’ll be able to take a bite out of your two favorite treats: Twix and raw cookie dough. We are salivating in advance…

Twix cookie dough is coming very soon!

On top of the classic cookie base, a generous layer of cookie dough will rest for an explosion of flavors in your mouth! Always covered in milk chocolate, Twix cookie dough is sure to make your taste buds blush. If you’ve never tried raw cookie dough, you’re clearly missing something. It’s really too good and that, Twix has understood.

Just like Ben & Jerry’s and their baggies cookie dough or our recipe for frozen bowl cookie dough form, impossible not to succumb to raw cookie dough! Here’s a little prescription very simple to make you happy at home while you wait to find the new Twix.

Twix + raw cookie dough? We already love it! Credit: Twix/Instagram

And yes, Twix cookie dough was introduced to the public for National Raw Cookie Dough Day in the United States on June 21, but it won’t be released until December 2022 in our neighbors across the Atlantic. Then it will still be necessary to have patience to try this nugget that, we don’t doubt it for a second, looks amazing! If for the moment no announcement has been made by the French side, we cross our fingers that the Twix Cookie Dough also lands with us.

Otherwise, it’s up to you to play by making a Twix-house !

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