Kim Kardashian: this very strange confidence about what seals her relationship with Pete Davidson

Couples always have something in common. Kim Kardashian has revealed this unsuspected bond that exists between her and hers new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian, 41, and pete davidson28 years, A few months ago the perfect love revolves. In a recent appearance on the show tonight Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian revealed that she and actor Pete Davidson are giving great importance for skin care. Having recently launched her skincare line, SKNN BY KIMsaid the reality star her boyfriend’s involvement in this launch. “It’s like one of our main links. Let’s go see dermatologists together.Kim Kardashian said.

It was also an opportunity for the young woman to tell an anecdote about her boyfriend and his little attentions. According to Kim Kardashianwould have argued all night with Pete Davidson chaining the “My God, I have that button, I have that button, don’t let me sleep, I have to put on a medicine for pimples before bed.In her story, the reality star keeping up with the Kardashians admitted to falling asleep having forgotten to apply the famous medicine. “I woke up in the morning with a medicine for dry pimples on my face. meI put it on while I slept.“Kim Kardashian revealed. So moved by this gesture, the mother of North West, Chicago West, Psalm West and Saint West does not hesitate to end their story with “what a gentleman !”, to rate her man.

Kim Kardashian: What is Kanye West’s role in the launch of his skincare line?

Although her love story with her new loveKim Kardashian does not hesitate to evoke the role that her ex-husband will play. kanye-west45 years, in the launch of its skin care line. According to Pete Davidson’s girlfriend, it was the rapper who proposed to her.”branding, packaging and visual identity“. In her story on Instagram, Kim Kardashian, 41, wants to explain this gesture.”My creative process would not have been complete — And I always give credit where I owe it — without Kanye. He brought his team over and introduced me. [le directeur créatif] Willo [Perron] and we arrived – as Skims“, revealed.

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