8 true and disgusting facts about the human body

The human body is an incredibly well-oiled, but sometimes nasty machine. We lift the veil on some peculiarities of the body that will surprise ordinary mortals. We produce 55 kg of saddles per year Since excrement, composed of water (75%!), dead bacteria and food remains not absorbed by the digestive system, each adult produces between … Read more

these simple habits that work wonders

THE ESSENTIAL Poor diet and lack of physical exercise are the biggest health risks worldwide. If you want to be healthier, here are some simple tips and good habits to adopt a healthier lifestyle and keep your weight off for the long term. Physical activity Unsurprisingly, it’s all about remembering to move: To maintain a … Read more

“Fuck everyone who allowed this to happen”

tulip is from the UK and lived as a trans woman from 26 to 34 years old, including hormone therapy and complete genital surgery in 2018. tulip is active in Twitter and leads the Detrans Men’s Group, which he launched in April this year. Here is the testimony of him that we hope will open … Read more

8 exercises for a flawless line

Having a flat stomach is a common fitness goal. Exercises that burn fat, tone the core, and build muscle can help a person achieve this goal.This article explores exercises and other strategies to achieve a flat stomach. It also looks at how long it can take and the factors that can affect a person’s progress. … Read more

Top 15 true and disgusting facts about the human body

There is a lot of phobias around the human body: hematophobia (fear of blood), genophobia (fear of penis)(yes yes), apopathophobei (fear of pooping or pooping) or even bacteriophobia (fear of bacteria). Well, if you’re one of those people, I highly recommend you stop here. This top is based on the history of organs of all … Read more

symptoms, in France, why this name?

The mysterious tomato flu virus (tomato fever or tomato flu) is said to have infected more than 80 babies in India. This highly contagious virus would cause round, red pimples, like foot-hand-mouth syndrome. Why this name? What symptoms? Cases in France? Summary In the month of May 2022, cases of “tomato flu” were reported by … Read more

A compound in red wine may help healthy aging

THE ESSENTIAL Wine and some other foods contain a natural compound that activates estrogen receptors This compound can possibly replace hormonal treatments that counteract the effects of menopause. What if the French had solved everything? A study supports the theory that a small glass of wine a day could help you age better. In fact, … Read more

Outrage from doctors: “Vaccinating children against Covid-19 is criminal” | Kids

Throughout his career, Dr. Reni Moon has advocated for vaccines. As a pediatrician, she counseled thousands of families and always encouraged them to get vaccinated. “I trusted government agencies to conduct the necessary studies and rigorous testing to ensure safe injections for our children”she explains. Until today. Rather than go along with the CDC’s recommendations … Read more

Top 10 Answers to Cosmetic Surgery Questions

With the passage of time, the progress of medicine and science seems to have no limit, and in a society where the cult of physique and youth is at the heart of people’s minds, it is logical that this progress suits the growing demand. Cosmetic surgery has been democratized within society, on the one hand … Read more