Meta, Uber, Starbucks… American companies agree to pay the travel expenses of their employees to have an abortion

After the decision of the Supreme Court on Friday, which calls into question the right to abortion on the other side of the Atlantic, several groups have sided with their employees, promising to cover their travel expenses if they resort to abortion. It was a decision that shocked America and neighboring continents. On Friday, June … Read more

mistakes we all make and expert solutions to make life easier

If the famous list has the reputation of being the royal road to gaining efficiency and finally doing what we said we would do, it also has some common pitfalls. Professional advice not to fall into it. Make an appointment with the dentist, send that famous email that is supposed to be gone two days, … Read more

the timeless photo of Brigitte Macron and the first ladies on the sidelines of the G7

On the sidelines of diplomatic talks this year in Elmau, Germany, the leaders’ wives spent time hiking. A moment immortalized in the green Bavarian countryside. The 2022 edition of the G7, a summit that brings together the leaders of the seven most industrialized countries in the world (Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom … Read more

Zurich makes the summer last

By 14 Haussmann Aware 11 minutes ago, Updated 9 minutes ago Zurich TO SWITZERLAND Zurich, a city on a human scale, has the enviable ability to extend the summer. Your secret? Its relaxed lifestyle and a host of cultural events to share… Seeing Zurich as a little paradise is not an exaggeration. Also, the protective … Read more

for Sarah Jessica Parker there is nothing “brave” about assuming her gray hair

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the series And just like that… in New York City on July 19, 2021. James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images Praised for not wanting to hide her gray hair, the 57-year-old actress refuses to be seen as a model of “bravery”. If some celebrities are proud to show off their … Read more

“In 2030, Renault cars will be 100% electric”

The director of sustainable development of the Renault group defends a transition that serves as many people as possible. For us, these are the great challenges of the group. Miss Figaro. – A wake-up time?Clea Martinett. – Six hours. To get to the office early, at 7:30 am The tone of your position? We are … Read more

“The body of plants helped to emancipate the body of women”

INTERVIEW. – To save the planet, shouldn’t we first open our eyes? Re-enchant our relationship with nature? In a fascinating book (1), Estelle Zhong Mengual, Normale and art historian, invites us to a revolution of attention. The ecological crisis who threatens us all depends on our collective response, but do we really know who we … Read more

BeReal, the small app that wants to put an end to the dictatorship of the quiet life on the networks

A desire arises to reconnect with more sincerity and to break the image of an idealized self that Instagram espouses. Contrary to ultra-clean feeds, BeReal, a new network Without filters, hits. Real aspiration to stick to reality with truth or a new form of staging? it’s like in the movie John of Florette, when the … Read more

Ten professional tips to create or optimize your dressing room

This key space must be adapted to a way of life and the style of the house. Enrica Magnalardo, director of inspiration and design at Ikea France, shares her secrets to make her dressing room a practical and beautiful place. ask the right questions “At[person]’s house ikea, When we think of facilities or spaces, we … Read more

Nicky Doll, the drag queen at the controls of Ru Paul’s Drag Race France

By mythia bernetel Aware 10 hours ago, Updated 10 hours ago Nicky Doll, the drag queen emcee of the French adaptation of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. (June 2022.) Endemol It was by creating his haute couture drag-queen persona that he became himself. Portrait of the mistress of ceremonies of the most famous drag queen contest, … Read more